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  1. Pyron from Darkstalkers on the PSone. Never had much trouble with any other Capcom boss except him. That merman dude could be pretty tough too, when he was like the last guy before Pyron. Oh, and any random SNK boss. CB
  2. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, I got all the other roms working but I can't get the last four bosses as well. I tried swapping p1 roms with no avail. If I find answer I'll let you know. CB
  3. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear (haven't slept since trying to get all the roms to work). The only SVC rom I have is the svccha.zip one, so (from my understanding) I need help either getting the updated "p" and "s" roms or the svcbl.zip file itself. Thanks for the help ! CB
  4. Ok, finally figured out the problem with rotdn , now I just need help with svc. CB
  5. I just installed the Kawa X SE and manually converted all my roms to become playable on SE. I can't get rotdn to work and I don't have all the characters from svc as I once did. (athena, gargoryle dude, etc) Can anyone point to the the correct romset for these two (preferably since I never used a hex editor before) but any help would be appreciated. CB
  6. Kawa-X plus is great, thx SS5 is working great. Thanks ! CB
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