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10,000 License Plates containging 'WTF' Replaced

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"In light of recent discussions about the Internet habits of the older generation, it's comforting to know that in North Carolina, up to 10,000 license plates containing the potentially offensive 3-letter WTF combination will be replaced by the Motor Vehicles division at no cost — if the owner of the vehicle finds the plates offensive. As reported on Winston-Salem's television station WXII, the MVD was alerted to the problem by an irate 60-year-old technology teacher who'd been clued in by her grandchildren. The article includes a helpful slide show of twenty Internet acronyms every parent should know. The article doesn't include any information on how you could actually apply for a WTF license plate."



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i think it's more like, i randomly get a license with WTF on on it, and i don't want to offend anyone that knows what wtf mean. but the fact that it's free is just stupid.

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Disclaimer: Someone somewhere will take this post as an affront to women. If you do so, you're a oversensitive biatch.


True story: As a gift to their boss, two secretaries at a gynecologist's office got him a custom license plate that said 2ATD0C, intended to be read as "Twat Doc." It passed the DMV's standards, but the guy got ticketed by some irate cop who couldn't handle it and he was ordered by a court of law to change it.


Some people just can't take a little innuendo.


Edit: W00T! 100th post!

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