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ID: Akihirozi


What I picked up with the slim for the moment is strictly single-player. I do have MGS4 but I don't want to touch the multi-player for a while (got enough with FFXI in terms of multi-player).


Wow... Congratz dude. Never thought you'd buy a PS3.

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Agozer, emsley, update your PSN ID here.


DISO, can we sticky this thread?

My console is not online, so posting my ID is moot. I'll post my ID when I get the thing online (need a switch and some cables).


Anyway, my ID will be Agozer, unless some dick has taken it.

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Do you guys want this to be organized in terms of.


Player - Psn ID

Games they have




Players - Psn id


Games that can be played online

Psn Id

Psn Id


Just thinking cause I'm procrastinating enough to do this.

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