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my story about my avatar?




I was messing with my webcam and i thought this picture of me was cute :lol:

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The necromancer from Diablo II, with the kanji "nezumi" to the side.


I just like the Necromancer. Up until recently, he's been the most difficult character to sucessfully play in Diablo II, but if you get it right, he's very powerful. Now, the 1.10 patch has enabled Joe Average Burritozon to make a max-skeleton max-mastery necromancer, who just sits back without using any of the more passive measures to enhance the parties killing potential. And he wonders why his army gets massacred in Hell, hmph. Hopefully the frustration and failure will set in, and they'll leave the necromancy to the seasoned players.


I always pick something undead-ish whenever I have the option. I play best with Undead in WC3, Necro in Diablo II, Necromancers in Heroes of M&M 2 and 3 (never played 4, heard it was a dissappointment).

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