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  1. They call me..Dr.Feelgood Little is know about Dr.Feelgood accept He is an unknown Robot with amazing powers and a 50,000,000 Double Dollars on his head.All who have tried to collect the bounty have never came back alive.
  2. I don't like them either..Just goto http://www.tnt-clan.be/smileys/ Copy the URL of the smily.Then paste the URL on here as a IMG and you'll have New,Cooler Smilys
  3. Yes.That is the correct program. Now all you have to do is install Characters,Screenpacks,Lifebars,And anything else LOL!
  4. Ryu is the coolest. 'Nuff Said.. Except for i was just playing in Photoshop and i came out with a cool background so i decided to add a pic Lighting FX and Motion Blur and this is what I came out with
  5. Can anyone send me Mugen XP? Or atleast tell me where to get it (i.e characters,stages) da_vipa2@yahoo.com Thanks In Advance
  6. I'm having problems with sVc..I have Nebula 223cFIX,Nebula 223 FIX (Play All),sVc Kawaks FIX,And WinKawaks 147b but none of them reckognize sVc. It's says..Missing svc_p1.rom Not Found svc_s1.rom Not Found svc-v1.rom Not Found svc-v2.rom Not Found svc-v3.rom Not Found svc-v4.rom Not Found svc_c1.rom Not Found svc_c2.rom Not Found svc_c3.rom Not Found svc_c4.rom Not Found svc_c5.rom Not Found svc_c6.rom Not Found svc_c7.rom Not Found svc_c8.rom Not Found What do I do GameCop?
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