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Cheeseburger in a Can


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A Cheeseburger in a can ;)

... from a german foodfactory :huh:

... for 3.95 euro !!! :(


Good night - better go to Burger King or MC Donalds


Just one? It better be cheap!


€3.95 (~$2) is not cheep at all, but then again the prices might be different in the US compared to Europe! :D


Well tin can usually have a higher "best before" (or "expiration") date compared to other packaging. :)

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Someone at SA bought one, ate it, and reviewed it.


I'm quiet surprised actually. It's not bad, but it doesn't completely suck either. It's "God damn I need a buger now" type food then.

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Ah ahhahaha. Geez, thx for the pictures though. Well it was linked on that Trekking website? Maybe if you want to have Junk Food being at the landscape, it may suit the burger-greed. But as mentioned above, I'd better do my own burger. Light a fire, do the burger meat, a little heat to the sliced bread and some vegetables.



>>I really don't understand why he cooked it that way/why it has to be cooked that way.

Well as said, I think it really remains Trekking/Camping Food.

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