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UFC - Brock Lesnar Vs Frank Mir (Spoilers!)


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I see this as a great match.


Though, I somehow think Brock will knock out Frank.


Mir has a very weak stand up game and is only known for his ground game. Brock has shown he doesnt lack in the stand up and is already an accomplished ground fighter.



What's your choice?






Frank Mir's last fight:





Brock Lesnar's last fight:


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I think Frank is past his prime. brock will handle him I'm sure. wow tap out due to strikes with his head buried in Brock's chest! either that dude is a total wuss or brock can hit really hard even in that semi protected position. Hopefully Brock can bring some excitement to the boring UFC heavyweight devision.

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well as a pro wrestler big is way more important then agility/quickness and flexibility. in MMA flexibility and agility are way more important then just being big. he prolly cut weight / got off the roids. to gain some quickness cardio ect.

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Brock Lesnar's last fight (and only) was a joke and should not be considered anything. Frank Mir does not lack in stand up, he trained Kempo Karate and kickboxing -- his problem is that he gases a lot. His submissions are really quick and lethal though, and all we know about Lesnar is that he's a great wrestler. How's Lesnar's submission defense and game? Could he defend against a lethal submission artist?

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where the heck is fatal, i was sure he would have commented on this by now. anyways brock may get his arse handed to him or he may kick franks ass, this whole situation is all about making some bux for the ufc, they will get some new fanbase from the wrestling crowd and a lot from people just wanting to see brock fail.

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Biggest laugh around UFC is. The fighting equivalent of Nascar FFS. At least Boxing has style and isn't just a referee'd street fight.


Stupidity at it's finest, and anyone who watches it ain't any better......

hahahaahah okaaaaay Cindy Le Creme. Anyways back to the thread. No need for retarded trolling as shown above.


Brock is still somewhat of myth right now, it's a tough fight to call. Frank has all the tools to beat him but will he run out of gas? We don't even know if Brock has any cardio in MMA. So we shall see.

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