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um.... I know how to read hot dog....

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Okay...so I have a slight problem at work....

Half the the people I work with think I am illiterate or just plain ole stupid....

(I work in a retirement home, in the kitchen...well...as a cook.)




I am working and the sandwich of the day was hotdog with sourkrout. Well, I put the hotdogs into a steamer in order to cook them, as I have been shown by many other cooks there. Now... I have to send food upstairs to assisted living, and they have to be up there by 1:00, so I a little pressed for time when I have no help...which is usually everyday.

Now, what I did was used the steamed hotdogs for the regular hotdog orders for upstairs....which is what I was shown by other cooks... including the head chef there.

Now, this lady, her name is Kettie, if that is of any importance. She's this selfish Haitian lady, and she's mean sometimes.

Anyway, she pulls aside another cook, and tells him something about the hotdogs. then Greg is like (the cook) "you were supposed to grill these"

I was like, "What? you want me to re-cook 8 hotdogs?"

"no, just next time grill them"

"okay, but I was just doing what I was shown, and told."

and the guy goes away, then Kettie, comes up to me and holds out this paper and is like, "This says hotdog..."

I look at her like, "duh..."

then she says it again... and again....and again... and I think one more time for good measures.

I am pretty pissed off my by now, and I start yelling at her, "I cant flockING Read! I am so sick and flocking tired of you people thinking I am stupid!"


That is one problem I had a few days ago....


Today, I was making eggs....with toast...and bacon, and you know how I knew all this? the ticket. The server saw me putting it on the plate and was like, "dont forget the toast....oh and that has bacon"

"um....I can read that...." I didnt yell at her....but i wanted to....




Another time I was making some grilled cheese, and it had some ham on it, and 3 people came back and asked if I had made it yet....

I said, "what the hell? I am not as stupid as you guys think I am..... I know that I was supposed to make it...."




I dont understand, whose more stupid, me or the people I work with??

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ummm, it shouldn't be a big deal.


Sandwiches and breads and all these can be made into any kind.

what's the fuss whether you steam the hot dog or grill it?


i would still eat it.

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In order for other people to feel good about themselves, they have to put down others. Now, just because you're younger than them and/or a little airheaded or whatever (making assumptions here), you're the prime target. People are and will always be complete cretinoidic morons. Don't mind, in the end they're the retards for going "oh, she can't read so I better explain it to her because I'm such a hot crap"...

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Sunrise FL? haaa I was there a couple of months ago... :(


You are working in the kitchen? cool!!! really cool, odn't worry about what people they say, anyway it is a retirement home so they will always be like that, I am 26 and when I visit my home my grandmother still tells me things like "wear a sweater or you are going to catch up a cough", they do not think you are stupid, everyone tends to be like that at that age, it will happen to you too


All the other stuff is normal when you work in a kitchen, but all in all it can be very good, even if you feel frustrated don't give up and you eventually will see the reward

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the hot dog thing, i think that lady was being a biatch about it and over reacted but the grilled cheese thing, maybe u were taking too long so they want to make sure u got it. and maybe ur thinking too much about it. i kid around at work and tell people to hurry up all the time

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Well perhaps she is over thinking it... I do the same thing in general, over thinking that is. But there are some issues in that kitchen... First off they see her as a new girl, who is going to college for culinary arts. She doesn't have a uniform for the retirement community, so she wears her chef outfit she wore to the school. There are a few who have shown their colors, and take it out on her, like for instance, she was told to clean this mess, she didn't do, as she was done with her work. (she is only required to clean her knives, and work platform) and so many times various people will bark retarded nonsense, like that hot dog thing. Or say she didn't make sandwiched properly all day, to the boss, when there was only ONE sandwich made incorrectly... This happens more than once a week now, various things, from salads, to soup, to whatever someone wants to blame her for, as to take the blame off them....


Thats the problem, they get bitched at everyday, as the Elderly pay 3000 dollars a month to stay there, and they are picky as hell. So the servers get bitched at, if the toast, isn't exactly the particular shade of golden brown they desired. So what do the servers do?! Take it out on the new girl.... But there is one girl in particular, that needs to chill the flock out... Anyway, they biatch at her, when all she is doing, is what she was taught to do in the first place sometimes.....


But that is what you get alot in the workforce. What can you do...

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Another time I was making some grilled cheese, and it had some ham on it, and 3 people came back and asked if I had made it yet....

I said, "what the hell? I am not as stupid as you guys think I am..... I know that I was supposed to make it...."


They didn't think you are dumb, they've just lost their patience...

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