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um.... I know how to read hot dog....

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I dont know what to do... but whatever it is that I decide it wont be pretty... for I am a force to be reckoned with.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Get each and every one of them fired. And bring a camera, or a voice recorder. And record them talking crap to you. And, whatever you do, make it painful for them.

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just don't lower your head and make them respect you, tell them the same you are telling us now

Thats' the thing, I do. I curse them out, get all in their business, and I dont show any weakness to their stupidity. I dont call them names, I just tell them they're wrong, when they are. I am not a biatch out of nowhere...I just work with a bunch of self righteous people who are jealous that my jacket says "Le Cordon Bleu" instead of theres, which says "Brookdale assisted living" Cause all the people I work with that went there are nice to me.


It's all about power there, and I just dont care. I just wanna get paid.

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wow, cordon bleu, amazing, I have no idea how much it costs since they are not in Argentina too but i know that school is quite expensive


Don't in little time you wont work with those jerks any longer, usually working in a kitchen is fun but idiots are everywhere, don't let them frustrate you and keep it up :P

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i constantly prove them wrong, and it's great. I am slowly earning my respect, and in due time I'll either be fired, or have a lot of respect. hahaha


my new boss is a little iffy... I got a talking to about what time I took my break today... funny thing is...I did as I said, and got everything done on time.... like they thought I wouldn't.


Also one of the servers told me today that I was her favorite "grill girl" haha, and this older woman I work with she tells me almost every time something bad happens, "I am so glad you came back Lily, I dont know what I'd do if you didn't, who'd make me salads?" I was like, "aww"

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