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Merry Christmas!

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We want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas from 1Emulation! Even if you're not religious, have a safe and wonderful celebration, and we hope you get some spectacular gifts this season. May all your wishes come true.




The 1Emulation Staff


»» The Christmas Thread


And if you don't have a decent Christmas soundtrack this year to play by the tree ...


Check out --> GameCop's TOP 20: 80's Songs (YouTube Videos)

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DO your holidays in such a manner that no one will ever forget it!

DO it! NO better yet, DO IT REAL GOOOOD!!!

Coming from the Baliistic, Sadistic, mentally twisted...B-ball Roam-a....

Yo Bad BAtter....SHOMA!!!!!

Happy B-day Jesus^^...(Duno his real Bday, so i go wit 25th!)

Merry Christmas!


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I find DEADLY concoction for Santa drink tonight.


Tequila Rose + Egg Nog. OMFG delicious.


I have a beer stein with both in it. About 6 shots of tequila rose, the rest egg nog.......you would not know there was tequila in it. Dangerous.

Bye now! Merry Christmas.........I go play santa now!

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