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go to the very first post u guys made on 1emu and see how stupid it was compare to that post u guys make now. I was reading some of my old post and topic and i must say... they were really stupid. i feel bad for myself now :thumbsup1:

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Lol at my noob-ness;

Hi everyone, new to this board.


I just wanted to know if there is a loader that can play rotd, mslug4, kof2002, and svcplus, preferably for Kawaks 1.47b, or FBA I've got the big-ass zips with all.bin files, and some loaders, like teh 1.45 one don't work. Any ideas? Thanks.




Also my 3rd post at 1emu;

I'd like to see the CPS-3 miracle happen soon :thumbsup1:

I've moved this to the lounge too since it is a pretty good idea for a thread.

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click you name over your avatar. select view users posts from the drop down on the upper right. then go all the way to the last post. should be your first.

there may be an easier way but thats how I did it.

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That is a good enough way. Well, I thought I'd just check up on my first post, and it made a total liar out of me. I know my memory is bad but not this bad.


I posted in some thread about MAME.




Posts 7 and 10. Back when my games computer was Windows 95 running at 333mhz.

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