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I just took the hardest test of my life. :(


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Physics, all branches of it from astro to quantum, totally blows me away. I have so much respect for physicists.


I hear that...i know the basics of quantum mechanics from all the chemistry courses and a physics course called Quantum Mechanics and Modern Physics, and it still blows my mind....the best thing that can be said my Chemistry professor told me at the beginning of the term..."Quantum mechanics is one of those things that i will teach you, you will not really understand it, then next year, another chemistry class will make you learn it again, and you will have some idea what is going on. This will continue while you are here at the University until when you are seniors, you will understand enough about quantum mechanics to know that you just have to accept it and not go looking for logical reasoning."


At my school, one of the hardest courses is Physics 213: Thermodynamics...every year, most of the class leaves on the exam days and final exam days crying because of the difficulty of the material...sadly i have to take this class next year sometime...A note to all you people out there who are looking for majors...go into psychology...it will save your soul...physics and chemistry labs can be proven to steal the souls of engineers, as well as their social lives...

I guess I gotta say goodbye to my social life while it lasts. Chem major here I come.


Being a chem major isnt that bad...its more chemistry classes (and their subsequent labs). To be honest, chem labs are the hardest classes to me because you have to write lab reports that can easily top 10 pages for the simplest labs...as the chem courses get harder, the lab reports get longer...i know that the next lab i have (so this week...) has an average lab report length of 20 pages...its not fun to write, but it does teach you alot...it is basically teaching you how to write a report of good enough quality to be re-viewable and potentially published in a journal.

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Fourth grade FCAT....Just kidding, I haven't really taken a super hard test before. The GED test was only hard because it was like....9 hours long. Took 2 days to take. Just so you know, the FCAT is a test that kids are required to take, in different states, it has the letter of the state in the front for the first letter. Like New York's is the NYCAT, so...yeah

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the FCAT and the GED was child's play. It saddens me that there are people out there that struggle with it...


did I also mention that I have no faith in humanity?

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my exams from the cooking school, had a few exams that were really hard to me, not because they were that difficult but i dunno, anxiety, nerves, lack of confidence, who knows.... anyway, they were probably the most difficult exams i have had

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the Sat was hard, the ACT wasn't as hard but stilll boring -_-ZzZZzz i fell asleep on both of them mostly during those long reading parts. i got a 23 on the ACT and 1400ish on the SAT the reading always gets me>.<

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