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  1. Shoma: Borrowed TP from my friend to install the Twilight Hack, and everything ran just fine. First time I tried to install the homebrew channel, tho, my card for some reason was not formatted (even tho my computer said it was) so the program froze, but no worries - simple restart fixed the problem. I just downloaded the official reformatter and did a complete reformat of the SD card, tried again, worked like a charm. So if you know what you're doing, I wouldn't worry.
  2. Yup, that's what I'm thinking too. This is what Vista should have been. Absolutely. Now, I'm not totally fed up with Vista, as I can live with it. But you are right - 7 is what Microsoft should have released 2 years ago. I'm just glad that Microsoft managed to get it right this time. Dang I really need to free up some space so I can run it on my own machine...
  3. Installed it as dual boot with vista on a machine with 3 gigs of ram, and I personally like it. Definitely faster than vista, and looks better too. Love the new taskbar. When I free up some space on my main machine (got it 4 years ago, only has 70 gigs of hard drive space - yuck, yes I know - but thankfully I'm getting a new computer soon) I'll try it as a dual boot with XP. Also, if any of you know if booting 7 from an external hard drive (usb) is possible, could you let me know? Wouldn't actually do it myself, just curious.
  4. Where I live we usually get snow pretty quickly, and it has snowed, in fact it did last week, but not a lot. Just a small layer that managed to stick to the ground. But nothing else since.
  5. Depending on whether you have Vista or XP, navigate to the control panel, then User Accounts. All the accounts on your computer should be listed, along with what type of account they are (limited user, administrator, etc).
  6. I got it yesterday after getting home from school, and so far I love everything about it except it won't run java clients. Kinda ironic despite its "web apps are the future" approach.... But it starts up amazingly fast, loads pages at screaming speeds, and so far has operated perfectly. It's a keeper for me.
  7. I know plenty of AVI formats that work with WMM just fine. But I try to avoid the program and the .wmv format as much as possible, because the format contains a not very optimized codec and the program is extremely limiting and and not powerful enough for my tastes. I'd say if your using avi definitely go with VirtualDubMod.
  8. I vote winter. Right now it's unbearably hot where I live, and in winter we get lots of snow, not too much rain (unfortunately - i LOVE rain) and it's easier for me to adjust to cold temperatures. On a side note - I'd also rather die from freezing to death rather than burning to death, because when your body reaches a certain frosty temperature, you fall asleep, and die while asleep, so it's not too bad.
  9. I haven't heard of any, but like BlackKnight said, don't use limewire. Who knows what kind of crap it puts on your computer these days. I recommend Inky's advice for an alternative.
  10. It depends on how good your computer is, as well as the connections between your ds and the computer. I've never tried to actually play a game with Win2DS because the response was too slow. However, if you've got a really nice pc with a good router, fast connections, and your close to your router, it could probably work out.
  11. Just replaced the install.rdf file with yours (FF was closed) and FF still says Fasterfox is incompatible. But getting it to work is not of the utmost urgency, seeing how I've already custom tweaked FF3 with some other apps. My real question is: I have AVG Antivirus. It appears they are not going to update their Safe Search plugin for FF3. I like to know if a website contains a threat before I click it, so is there a way to manually update it to get it to work with FF3? Or do I have to wait on Grisoft?
  12. See my post on page one on how to update those addons yourself. It's easy, besides, they might never be updated or it could be a while! I actually tried to do that with Fasterfox, followed the directions exactly, but it appears nothing has happened.
  13. I usually have to game alone, since most of my gaming friends don't live close, and the friends who do live close aren't into gaming that much. To solve the problem of loneliness, I spend most gaming time online playing others.
  14. 21 views and no answer? Ah well, I downloaded a new driver anyway, so my problem is fixed.
  15. I've already got mine to work, and used it as a wireless controller many times (which is a ton of fun!) but I bet this will be a good help to many others. Thanks.
  16. Hey, it's me again, this time I've got a resolution problem. I had been running at 1024x768 (disgusting, I know), and someone told me I should try a higher resolution so I was messing around with the resolutions my graphics card (GeForce FX 5700) had to offer. Obviously, since the graphics card is much more recent than my dated monitor, the card has a lot of resolutions my monitor cannot handle. I eventually landed on 1280x1024, because it was the highest my monitor could display without distorting text. In fact, any higher than that resolution and my monitor gives me an "Input out of range" error. So the next day, after a shutdown, I turn it on, and apparently my card didn't like me messing with resolutions so it defaulted to the highest resolution possible, which my monitor couldn't display. So I hunt around online and find the VGA mode fix. But that is apparently a temporary fix because the next day the same thing happens. I did not have time to figure out why, so I just did the VGA mode fix again. Eventually my brother ended up unplugging the computer when he got the error message (he doesn't know how to turn it off by simply using the keyboard), and he restarted it, and this time when it loaded up, it loaded in 1280x1024, and he didn't have to do anything. I don't know if that permanently fixed it because I haven't had a chance to restart it. So what I'm wondering is, when my brother restarted it, did the computer go back to the last known working configuration? Keep in mind all he did was skip the disk check by pressing F8 (I told him to press it so he could get the bootup options screen, but he did it too late), and then it loaded up fine. Hopefully when I get home today and turn it on it will load up correctly, otherwise I'm stuck.
  17. I know this thread needs to die now, but I'd like to say I found the complete solution for anyone else who might be wondering. So, the problem did happen again, but my mom had tried to restart the computer. What's funny is she shut off the power by pushing the main power toggle switch, so everything in the room (which contains a lot of electronics) was running on battery. Turned on the pc, power went dead. Figured out it was because of overload, turned pc back on. I did not have the network card turned off, but when when the computer was starting up I unplugged the ethernet cord from his computer, so it didn't have internet. That fixed it right away, the computer started up just fine. After it had fully loaded, plugged in internet, and I was good to go.
  18. Ok, he is out of town for the next week, so I will unplug all USB devices tonight, and see if we still get the problem. Edit: Wow lol I didn't realize I was now a Premium Member. Yay! Lol anyway ever since disabling automatic updates, his computer hasn't restarted since. So unless the problem happens again, I'm going to assume it was the updates.
  19. Thanks for the additional advice. My dad's computer does not have a wifi card installed, but I could try disabling the network card overnight (but I won't do it until Tuesday night since he says that's when it usually happens for some reason). He has two external usb hard drives, but they're always turned off at night and not connected to the computer. He also has a small USB license key plugged in, but that's only so professional software on his computer will run. So I just told him about disabling the network card during the night, he said he'd try that a few other things to see if we can fix it.
  20. haven't really noticed a difference, pages still take a little over 1 second to load (even though I have a 1.5mbps connection), which is more or less the same speed I get for the rest of the net.
  21. Ok, I'll look for it when I get a chance. Thanks for the help.
  22. Well we would do that if we could. You see, we wake up to find his computer stuck at that point, so something must be restarting it in the night. If it's not the internet that's fixing it, why does it always work when we unplug the internet?
  23. Any time software on my dad's HP Workstation tries to restart his machine, it shuts down fine, but when it gets to the HP splash screen, the white loading bar gets a half inch from the end, and the whole thing just freezes. The only way we have been able to fix it is to unplug the computer, the router, the modem (which kills my internet) and leave it unplugged for at least an hour. Then we plug everything back in, and hope it works. Obviously I want to fix the problem because I don't want my dad shutting off the internet every time this happens. Manual, user initiated restarts work fine, it's just when software tries to do it that it screws up. I have already disabled Windows Updates so it only downloads them, but does not install them (which would cause restarts) but his computer is plugged into a backup battery, and it's software tries to restart his computer whenever there's a power failure (which does happen sometimes in the night) and I haven't tried to disable that yet. My question to you is, am I correct in that only software is causing this problem, why is there a problem, and when it happens does unplugging the internet really help to fix it (we're only doing it now because it's the only way to get it to work)? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Back to NFSMW, got a new graphics card so it runs very nicely at my native res. Now im on the 4th blacklist member, having to race ming 7 times for his gallardo got pretty annoying. Hoping I can snag the next guys Corvette
  25. I'm the odd one out I guess lol. I always check the top parts first, I can't say I've ever really cared for ass, that's just me though.
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