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My XBox 360 games


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I just want to be able to finish it once :)


I've beaten all the stages but the last one. It's definately easier if you spend the majority of the stage absorbing than relying on firing. I also don't worry about doing double damage unless I'm fighting a big enemy or the boss.


I can barely finish the first boss in time.


Concentrate on the pods on the left and right of him first. His first wave of attack is white so be white when that happens. When he uses his shield switch to black to absorb his black bullets.


Whenever you see a wave of both colors, absorb one side quickly then switch to the other color and fly to the other side.


I barely use the super attack. Only in a room full of enemies. It's almost pointless against bosses except the third or fourth one that's a giant station that spins and it's core guarded by different colored gates.


You think the first is hard wait till you fight level 2's boss.

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in other words change colours and fire like f*ck.


I've been trying that, I'm up to stage 4! :shootem:


Assualt Heroes 2 is hard too, Golden Axe was the easiest XBLA game for achievements though.

I'm missing 1 - Connect to an XBox Live game with another player. (BUT NO ONE PLAYS ONLINE!!!!!)

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