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I drank a lot in my late teens to early twenties. After that, you'll naturally slow down on the drink. Your body won't be able to take it anymore, there'll be less time/opportunities, less money to spend on grog, more responsibilities and you'll also just be more mature. Nowadays, I have access to free alcohol but still don't abuse it like crazy.


I reckon there is nothing wrong with drinking a bit when you are younger. I follow these rules:


1. Don't drink before noon

2. Don't drink alone

3. Don't drink and drive


I am still alive and still love a drink. Dunno how much brain damage I have or if I will get liver cancer in the future tho.

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Those are some good rules to follow, and i think your right, thats about the stage im in i guess.


And alcohol is a depressent, its classified as one. Being a depressent doesn't necessarily mean its going to put you in a bad mood. I'm not too sure how to explain it but im sure theres an excessively long wiki about it or something.

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I love a drink. It's ambrosia. As long as you are mature about it, there's nothing wrong with it. I have half to one standard drink almost everyday, and I'm not dead or brain dead yet. It's relaxing after work, and its a common thing to do with friends, especially to help let your hair down abit. All it requires is abit of maturity.


Asahi beer is the best beer.

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which is why jager bombs are so dangerous


You can't mix alcohol and uppers, or any depressants/downers with uppers, thats a fantastic way to kill yourself if your looking to.


My dumb mates go hard on these things, despite my warnings. Seriousness of it aside, I'd find it hilarious if someone ended up dying from them- that'd teach em.

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