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ElSemi's CPS3 emu on xbox


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does it run any faster?


sure does! well they fixed the pal mode anyway.


So it runs at 60fps. But I find the ntsc mode runs almost twice the speed which makes Street Fighter more like "hyper fighting" :) im sure Elsemi will be doing another update to this great emulator. The save-state function works pretty good also, the axis wheel doesnt work yet (I dont think) and it would of been good if more CPS3 games were available, coz they sure look great on the TV screen. CPX cabinet anyone? ;)

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holy crap, i'm going to get this now. XD


i hope it has no slowdown at all



just tried it O:


it's awesome. barely any slowdown for 3s at all, and pretty much none that affects gameplay!

how do you change between PAL and NTSC modes, though?

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One thing I can't figure out how to fix is the screen. It maxes out past my Television screen. I couldn't find a way to make it smaller to match the resolution of my Tv. The game list isn't refreshable so the emulator can't tell what games I actually have.


overscan adjustment in CPX3?

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Someone already ask about source code on Spensnk forum - but I'm not sure if he get it .



Great to hear that will be some update to Mame for Xbox :wub: - but please try to add some new drivers (like NightSlasher , Riden Fighters Jet , Osman ....... maybe fix Gaiapolice :( )

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