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  1. Sorry ..... but I don't see you push emulation futher . I'm more artist than coder - and have me own hobby - just live with that . You want to make builds for Mommy's - do it - hell i care . I'm just represent diffrent point of view in this (read carefully topic title) - without make it personal - so grow up Britney Spears and stops making personal offtopics
  2. lol shame on me LOL - you just few days ago dint even know what is attract mode ........... I'm simply don't understand , if they cannot figure out few simple options how they plays games on other xbox emulators like snes ,genesis, nes ,amiga ,pc cd etc which have lots of them ? I'm really sorry that not everybody uses Coinops "something" - just live with that , also I'm not a man who likes to lick boys ass and can have Me own opinion on free forum. PS: Also read carefully because I have writer show proportion not split and that a big difference
  3. I sayed - i hope you will get original run at full speed - and i find a way to solve memory problem Ps: I think i was very precise when i was asking you about help (pm few weeks ago) - so why you seams to be so f suprised in a first place
  4. Ofcourse I'm talking about this game: http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/9947/bor0004pv7.png That a good news from today
  5. Then its only hope left that you now what you talking about and we with "easy" see it on xbox.
  6. Just check chase level or helicopter fight - just asking yep and what so funny about it "champ"?
  7. So how will be with transparencies bugs. Well my Night Slashers work all time 60 fps
  8. So seams like Night Slashers will be quite a chalenge for you )(pac-man ,Mr do! , funny bubble - great games) .All I was asking that you look at some code and see if its posible to optimize it for xbox memory........ But as i sayed before - I wish you good luck and hope we see original NS on xbox soon (with all its mame bugs - but thats other story porting working drivers and writing unemuleted games drivers) So please - stop talking about it just do it - cause im big fan of this game
  9. Well then maybe you shoudl write me this in exchange in pm. That was the risk to inform some of you about it (specialy you after a year spend on it) - anyway wish you good luck with it What would be the point of that? And why would it take me a year? Things like that usually only take me a few days... Hell... pac-man with dozens of games only took me a week. That the difrence betwin writing driver and making extra version
  10. Its related to game so I will answer because you dont know what you talking about - its working great
  11. Well then maybe you shoudl write me this in exchange in pm. That was the risk to inform some of you about it (specialy you after a year spend on it) - anyway wish you good luck with it
  12. Why Mameox128plus - because it still have Mame in the name And seriously - i have written about this few times but seams like not enough: 1. was the first and any other emu still is not even close to this build 2. its support all mame info dats - history or interesing info about games which some of you really should now or read 3. supports replays input - and doing this best on xbox - when you record a input its automatically switch to default options ( i hope some of you knows what is Marp or few other sites like this ) plus its only one that can record 1cc input for games like Ghouls and Goblins - just try to do it in Fba you see the difference 4. options and once again options that lets you do what you like - i hope and showed how they can be usefull 5. you want flashy skin with perfectly allocated screenshots - just download my (from signature) or do it yourself 6. its run roms that i have from a long time and don't need to look for them again or download whole new set 7. its was release properly - with out some betas ,shitasss , asking pm , patches , stupid names , etc , etc ... To the fun boys - truly i don't care about the name or other things like this (skin etc) - all i care are arcade games - and here are some things why I'm use one and not another. I don't have time to arguing so if you not get it what is all about - just skip and write your point. Still I hope to live the time to see good next mame emu on xbox .... (for sure this topic shows proportion betwin pepole that know something about emulation and the others)
  13. Iq (as most of xbox coders) good knows that Night Slashers are already ported to xbox .....
  14. Its working - you need try difrent image Ps Video pointing to Siter Skain Reflex ?
  15. Its loading and working very good in attract mode (also gameplay ).......... hangs on character select screen check pm for link to files Im really need a sleep - it was long weekend
  16. So what do you need more .... - youtube video how to set 3 options and press the button
  17. Keys input working great - i have tested it in dip swich i/o rom test screen ........ as for the second part - I send it when i be able to ftp to my xbox
  18. There is no sum check on this rom its start instantly (after a minute of wait) - also you need to have sound emulation on or it wont start from Riden Fighter Jet logo
  19. I have normal xbox with 64 Mb ... anyway I'm just looking at this beautifully stage over the see where you destroying battleships (running 45fps with music and frameskip set to 0 - demo runs full speed) Just use RFjetus rom with setting i have posted and wait As for Gaiapolis ist using 2 sound chips which i belive slow this game so much (everything else from this hardware run very good on xbox) .If we coudl skip the selftest with sound emulatin turned off its posible it will run quite good (even just like Metamorphic Force with use of cheat code). Also xbox runs only Jp version and its pain to write in password to jump over first stage opening demo . Ps: I post the setings latter i can not ftp to xbox right now
  20. RFJet Treshold 4Mb Commitsize 256 Kb Distribute 65535 There is not a problem in loading this rom (I have writing about this few times) its working in attract mode but crashing when you insert coin and press start ....
  21. You can try this filehost (its free ,no download limit) : http://www.4shared.com/ It have very nice feature that let you update your upload without changing its download link (it shoudl save you lot of time )
  22. Why not just simple share it - or do you like to send them one by one .
  23. Well Hk$ builds plays Fixeight from 2 years now - and you just added it (also i hope you think about Fixeight bootleg as orginal one not working properly even in newest pc mame) . Imo its 100000000 beter than super spirit : Game names and what was fixed ? - because any one can say - hk$ buid have 1000s diffrent
  24. Well its finished but I decided to keep it for my self and release only Youtube videos of me playing it
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