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  1. Assign a button to ` for P1 coin and F11 for P2 coin - use a shift key if you don't have a coin switch.
  2. Move to the new build - Arcades is brilliant, but I would love to see this new interface with a top 50 games
  3. Deffinitly D , i cant see the point of have loads of crap games your never gonna play , but thats my opinion I vote D too...
  4. If you use a Jamma cab then use the Ultimarc JPAC and XBox adaptors, that emulates the D Pad primarily, but does enable you to change to left or right analogue stick. It works sweet on mine.
  5. If you run out of memory change the VMM settings....
  6. Keymapping on everything else is fine. Back is Credit on FBA-XXX so that works well, start is start. My six button layout uses A,B,X,Y and L&R triggers, I have black and white on 'shifted' (i.e. P1 start held &) trigger buttons, again this is fine. Hiding the interface is not a major issue for me, but I guess it could be handy. The biggest problem is one person credit feeding while another presses start which results in the game quiting...how about left analogue click being mappable?
  7. Thanks for the new release, but still no way to change the default controls...I would like to change the 'quit game' command from 'back and start' to a user defined key combination...
  8. The new version (Dec) doesn't have the scan roms option of the last version (Nov) - is that right?
  9. Any chance of getting the horizontal games to hide when vertical mode is chosen in the settings?
  10. Please change the quit game command from back and start. Back is credit up, so my kids always quit the game by adding more credit and pressing start at the same time... Could you do a MamedOx without NeoGeo and CPSI/II ? A lot of people use FBA-XXX for those and it may be nice to not have doubles on different emulators. Can you get CPS3 into MamedOx?
  11. Use Qwix to upload the ISOs to the XBox over FTP.
  12. With the original XBox dead in the water I'm sure no-one cares anymore about programs written with a stolen SDK. Just enjoy them....until we can do the same on a 360 with support for newer games.
  13. Can you tell me exactly how to set this extra button up to go straight a xbe?
  14. Would that be due to the particular board version the ROM has come from or is MVC like that generally?
  15. MVC seems to only offer Service 1 not Service Mode in the menu like other CPS games. I can't actually get to Service Mode. Any idea about Simpsons, can change the coin setup but no freeplay seems available?
  16. Anyone know how to get Marvel v Capcom into Service Mode, and also how can you set The Simpsons to freeplay?
  17. Warrior Blade looks okay to me. You may prefer it with Aspect Ratio Correction disabled in setup.... ahhh thank you ill give it a try what about adding those games into the list? You cannot add ROMs to Platinum releases. PM BritneysPAIRS but it's a bit late now as it has been released.
  18. Warrior Blade looks okay to me. You may prefer it with Aspect Ratio Correction disabled in setup....
  19. Can't discuss where to get ROMs. The only Mame for XBox are the ones mentioned in this forum. None are built on new builds of Mame. MamedOx Platinum for the XBox and Mame proper for the PC is really the only way to go....
  20. MamedOx Platinum releases are standalone, guaranteed to work and come included with select working ROMs. You cannot add different ROMs to a Platinum release - if you want to add/change/remove ROMs then use a standard MameOx or MamedOx release not Platinum (v1 or v2).
  21. That's okay as it is for me.... Have v1 and v2 loaded on the same XBox under different folders - but v1 now shows the extra games from v2 but without the preview screen grab. Is there any way for them to co-exist or is it pointless to keep hold of v1 now?
  22. I was wondering if I could get a new config for the new version of Platinum. For me it is great as is, but I would like Black & White together to quit to menu instead of start and back. Any help appreciated. Thanks for another great release. PS: This uses the same save folder as v1 right? They can co-exist but is there any point, have you removed any games from v1 to v2?
  23. Well this is the only thing I'm up/downloading from eMule (never again!) so I should be getting some bandwidth but I'm getting 375b/s from Rastan and 3.66kb/s from you....
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