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Mario VS. Sonic

Mario Vs. Sonic  

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From another topic, to another forum, back to 1emulation, who would win this epic duel? A summary of their powers and abilities follows.


Basic powers:


Mario - Runs at a moderate speed, jumps pretty high, dies in one hit. Can punch, kick, and land on things. Can breathe underwater. Takes little damage from falling.


Sonic - Runs REALLY fast. Jumps at a normal height. Dies in one hit. Can curl into a ball and charge momentum, upon release he rolls faster than normal and damages enemies. Can also curl into a ball using just the momentum from running. Takes little damage from falling. Can gain enough momentum to defy gravity and run along ceilings.






Basic Mushroom - Increases his size and strength. Brick walls crumble under his newfound might, though the size makes it harder for him to maneuver through small passageways. Also acts as a shield, when hit he merely reverts to normal size.


Fire Flower - In addition to the Basic Mushroom powers, he can also conjure fireballs. Rather than flying in a straight path, they bounce along the ground until dissipation.


Super Star - Mario becomes invincible for a short time. All enemies he touches die.


Pipe Travel - Can utilize mundane pipes for travel to other areas. Often these pipes lead him to large caches of money or dead ends, but they have some limited use in actual travel.


Throwing - Mario is an expert at throwing objects. So much so, that even turnips and tomatoes, which normally cause a harmless mess, become deadly weapons. Turtle shells are his favorite weapon.


POW Block - When hit, crushes everything in a small radius. Three charges.


Magic Carpet - Flying ability with impressive maneuverability, though limited in length.


Racoon Tail - In addition to basic mushroom powers, gives Mario a limited flight ability. Takes a lot of momentum to get going, and doesn't last especially long. Can spin to whip people with his tail.


Tanooki Suit - In addition to the Racoon Tail powers, allows Mario to turn into a statue and avoid damage. When hit in this form, Mario reverts to basic mushroom form.


Frog Suit - Grants the ability to swim underwater effortlessly. Severly limits his land mobility, however, as he can only jump from place to place. When hit in this form, he reverts to basic mushroom form.


Hammer Bros. Suit - Capitalizing on his incredible throwing prowess, this suit provides him with actual throwing weapons. The sheer power of his hammers frighten lesser men. When hit in this form, he reverts to basic mushroom form.


Warp Flute - Allows him to travel with ease.


Power Wing - Enhanced flight ability. No longer requires momentum, and has an extensively increased length.


Feather Cape - Similar to Racoon Tail powers, but with even more limited flight time. Allows him to charge the ground from his new height sending a shockwave travelling through the ground.


Metal Mario - His body shifts to solid metal, immunizing him from ordinary attacks and making him extremely strong and heavy.


Vanish Cap - Mario becomes ethereal, allowing limited travel through walls and immunizing him against normal damage.


Wing cap - Once he has enough momentum, jumping will provide him with full multidirectional flight.


Water Cannon - A back mounted water shooting device. Primarily use for cleaning and extinguishing fires, not suited for actual combat. Can use it to hover a short distance. Must be refilled constantly.


Mega Mushroom - An extreme version of the basic mushroom, Mario's size increases several times over, allowing him to crush everything but the earth itself. Short duration.


Turtle Suit - Allows Mario to charge up a spin and bounce around like the shells he often throws. When hit, reverts to Basic Mushroom form.




Rings - So long as Sonic is holding rings, getting hit will merely cause him to drop them. 40-80% of these rings can be recollected.


Basic Bubble - Protects Sonic from one hit. No rings are lost.


Speed Shoes - Runs even faster than normal.


Stars - Provide invincibility for a short time. All enemies he touches die.


Super Sonic - After collecting enough rings and the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic enters a form where his speed and jumping distance double and he is invincible. His speed is so fast at this point that he no longer touches the ground, but hovers over it. Only the lightning shield is compatible with this form. Sonic loses one ring a second while in this form. All enemies he touches die.


Water Shield - In addition to Basic Bubble abilities, provides underwater breathing. Also allows Sonic to dive on an enemy from mid air.


Fire Shield - In addition to Basic Bubble abilities, provides protection against fire based attacks and weak energy attacks. Allows Sonic to dash forward in mid air with enough friction to burn his immediate surroundings.


Lightning Shield - In addition to Basic Bubble abilities, magnetically attracts nearby rings.


Allows Sonic to jump a second time while in the air.




If I missed any powers, let me know, I'll add them in.

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sonic, mario, sonic.


sonic hits mario, mario turns small.

sonic hits mario, mario died.


mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off.

sonic catches them again.

mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off.

sonic catches them again.

mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off.

sonic catches them again.

mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off.

sonic catches them again.

mario hits sonic, sonic's rings fly off.

sonic catches them again.


*ctrl+V infinitely*

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Well underwater, i would give it to mario, In sonic games the underwater levels suck because you cant move for crap and you have to keep getting air and everything else. In mario underwater levels you can somehow shoot fireballs, have infinite air, and theres much more control over the movement of the character.


In the olympics i would definitely give it to sonic though, i mean sonic can run and jump faster and further (but not as high) and all that.


As for a normal fight though...still too tough to call

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I'm just going to say sonic.


It's basically just a speed vs strength battle.


The olympics would be varied. Yeah sonic would win in all the races but Mario would win in other events. (jumping, strength)

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Sonic can jump higher then mario when he wants too >.>. Same goes for fighting in water.... the only thing mario can do that sonic can't is throw a fireball that goes slower then my grandma :huh:

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