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Mario VS. Sonic

Mario Vs. Sonic  

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I'd have to say Sonic, since he's fast as lightning and has cooler friends.




No one likes an obese plumber with a halfwit anorexic brother. Not to mention that Mario spent the long stretches of his early years looking for a princess in a bunch of castles and was always duped by Bowser's henchmen/and or closet-fruit tiny mushrooms with arms.

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Sonic would win in all three, it also depends on which time your bringing sonic and mario from. If you mean from their debut games, neither of them can punch, Sonic would win because his fur is pretty sharp and he's fast. Mario can't do anything without enchances or power boxes.

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In a Normal Fight?

Sonic - he use spin dash, kick and punch then he stop the time and use sonic wind



Sonic - he can jump over the watter and run on it.


In the Olympics?

Sonic - he's fast and jumps hight

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