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nullDC Compatibility List

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Rez - Seems to work better at 50Hz, but only slightly, looks kinda blocky, if your force it into a higher resolution it looks alot better though (i tried 1280X1024 fullscreen). During some points of the game it will stop for a few seconds (and sometimes the screen will turn to garbage) but it seems to always recover and run at full FPS besides that. It does the same thing at the default resolution too.


Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense: Menus have missing gfx, but you can tell what your doing, very minor gfx glitches in game, runs great besides that :)

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Resident Evil 2 - Didn't boot

Space Channel 5 - Accelerated graphics outrun the 2d backgrounds and the sound.


Seaman - Appeared to work, but didn't know how to use a microphone.

Samba de Amgio - Appeared to work, but no matter how many Best Buy employees I threated, they wouldn't sell me a pair of USB maracas.

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Ecco the Dolphin: 2D text imperfections and fog is not rendering in-game.

Sonic Adventure: menu doesn't appear at all.

Crazy Taxi 2: minor graphics glitches.

Hydrothunder: sky not rendering.

Gauntlet Legends: minor graphics glitches.

Chuchu Rocket: major sound issues.

Soul Reaver: minor sound issues.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 perfect.

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Post your compatibility results for the new nullDC Dreamcast emulator here! :D


18 wheeler (echelon)

Nothing, Freezes on echelon intro


Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001



Castlevania: Symphony of destruction (Beat of rage)



Dangerous Toys

Playable, but glitches when text (japanese, obviusly) appear, stuttering sounds


Fighting Vipers 2



Illbleed (echelon)

Playable, few glitches at map screen.


Sega Rally 2

Nothing :(


Spawn: in the Demon's Hand

Playable, ugly music loop


Street fighter III - 3d strike



Super Runabout



Perfect!! Music loops, (pause, then when back is ok) maybe chankast plug issue.



starts @ 2´) Close to perfection: some glitches on 2d gfx

great game, like crazy taxi, but on a bus and far to be crazy.

It´s fun.




Playable (a bit slow, sometimes field is black)



Playable (a bit slow)



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Alien Front - Not Playable - Game works, but map obscures view completely. Sounds distorted

Alone in the Dark - Not Playable - Hangs after character selection

Chu Chu Rocket (selfbooting image w/ CDDA)- 100% Playable!

Daytona USA - 100% Playable (minor menu issues)

Shenmue II - Playable, slow. Some graphics issues (more than Shenmue I) SOUND REALLY MESSED UP, lucky there are subtitles! (Note: use the chankast sound plugin for faster speed)

Soldier of Fortune - 100% Playable. Very minor graphical issues.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 - 100% Playable. Perfect?

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Bangai-O - Playable - Graphics not displaying correctly

Blue Submarine No. 6 - 100% Playable (japanese - hard to play)

Crazy Taxi - 100% Playable, Perfect

Dragonriders of Pern - Not Playable - Audio error pops up ("AICA DMA: SB_ADDIR=1!!!!!!!")

Ferrari F355 Challenge - Not Playable (Does not load)

Last Blade 2: Final Edition - 100% Playable (plays 1/4 size of window)

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Not Working (Does not load)



Gundam Side Story 0079 - Loads with Chankast plugins but won't start (message in japanese)

Alone in the Dark - Loads with Chankast plugins - Not playable due to character being invisible!

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Evolution 2: Far off Promise - not working.

about Resident Evil CV - the game work fine but the I can't see the text.

The text prob. also appear in Soul Caliber, Sky of arcadia (in fight) and Grandia II.

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