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  1. Marvel Vs Capcom 2:(NTSC-J) Runs perfect actually better than the NTSC-U version.
  2. That is the problem I had the same thing happen to one of my older Dreamcast I had a while back nothing major should be a quick fix for Cinder, Sounds like he knows what he is doing under the iron.
  3. Urban Chaos:(NTSC-U) Freezing after Dreamcast bios, Reading Opcode error in the cmd window of Null dc.
  4. Try using Exoboot or Selfboot inducer to make it a selfboot.
  5. Here is what the loader looks like once setup.
  6. I had this peoblem, all I did was turn off Versioned textures and it stoped after that .Hope that helps.
  7. Street Fighter Alpha 3:(NTSC-U) Not working (Stays on black screen after loading bios) NFL 2k1:(NTSC-U) Not working (Stays on black screen after loading bios) Morita no Saikyo:(NTSC-J) Not working (Stays on black screen after loading bios) Also I find that Using Chankast sound plugin on Sonic Adventure 2 seems to stop the sound cracking from the announcer, Also had no problem with Sonic Adventure 2 running to fast with the chankast sound plugin all other games like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike seem to have problems with the Chankast Spu plugin.
  8. Sonic adventure:(Pal) fully playable sonic adventure 2:(pal) Fully Playable giga wing 2 playable Biohazard Code Veronica:(Jap) fully playable (fast in some area's)
  9. Hello guys I am new here but it was nulldc that brought me to the site here are some snaps I took while playing Biohazard Code Veronica Jap ver.
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