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nullDC Compatibility List

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Street Fighter Alpha 3:(NTSC-U) Not working (Stays on black screen after loading bios)


NFL 2k1:(NTSC-U) Not working (Stays on black screen after loading bios)


Morita no Saikyo:(NTSC-J) Not working (Stays on black screen after loading bios)



Also I find that Using Chankast sound plugin on Sonic Adventure 2 seems to stop the sound cracking from the announcer, Also had no problem with Sonic Adventure 2 running to fast with the chankast sound plugin all other games like Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike seem to have problems with the Chankast Spu plugin.

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I have a near complete collection of USA Dreamcast games and about 40-50 imports


I'll be testing some of my favorite titles that aren't already on the list.


I'd love to test them all but I don't have the time for that, but if there are specific titles anyone would like me to test send me a PM or email and I'll give it a try.


My Machine meets the specs but it isn't the fastest either


AMD Athlon XP 2600+



ATi Radeon 9600 256MB


Here are the games I've tested so far (all from CD-R media)


Tetris 4D (USA) - 100% playable (Video play back is too fast, momentary lockup when changing levels)

Rez (JPN) - 100% Playable (some emulation slowdown, momentary lockup and graphical artifcating when changing levels, some sound effects are choppy)

Ikaruga (JPN) - 100% playable (slight hesitation during level changes)

Bangahi-O (USA) - 100% playable (highlighted menu options are not visable, game plays in top left 1/4 of rendered window)


Not Working:

Twinkle Star Sprites (JPN) - wont boot (black screen)

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (USA) - boots but not playable (audio during video playback has static, doe not recognize virtual VMUs, and actual gameplay returns empty black screen)

Ooga Booga (USA) - wont boot (grey screen)

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Here are a few more


Space Channel 5 (USA) - boots but is not playable (audio during video has static and hesitates every few seconds, menu options have artifacts around their edges, actual gameplay is dramatically out of sync between the audio 3D objects and 2D objects, some items move ultra fast, while other's crawl.)


Unreal Tournament (USA) - semi-playable (emulation is slow audio [both Chaincast and nullDC] is screwed up, explosion effects are non existent, other then that it plays fine)


Vanishing Point (USA) - not working (actually crashes the emulator)


Virtua Fighter 3tb (USA) - 100% playable (chaincast audio works but has no music, nullDC audio studders, other then that it plays great)

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I just wanted to tell you all nice work and thanks for doing compatibility testing and submitting compatibility reports. We're all counting on you.


I hope the reference isn't lost on too many people.

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I've tested Elemental Gimmick Gear on NullDC *non-selfboot...I had to use Utopia Bootdisk to get it to work* and a selfboot EGG *initials of Elemental Gimmick Gear*. With the non-selfboot, it takes it 2 mins at the least *depending on your processor speed I guess....mine is 3.2GHz* and the game starts and runs perfectly. With the selfboot one, it was flawless. Gameplay is a little fast with the Chankast plug ins, but not really THAT noticable.


Elemental Gimmick Gear *both non-selfboot and selfboot* is flawlessly playable.

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Seaman - does not work. It asks you to please insert Microphone into Socket A. I'm guessing NullDC doesn't support the microphone emulation for the DC.


Sega Bass Fishing 1 - I get the program error message and the application has to be closed down. This happens after the Dreamcast BIOS has loaded up and the game is about to start.


Sega Bass Fishing 2 - Works with a few graphical errors.


That's all the input I have for now. I have some other S's that isn't on the list and I'll get back to you on them *like Sega GT, Sega Swirl, Seventh Cross, Shadowman, Sega Marine Fishing, Silent Scope, some others lol*

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Made a correction about Sega Bass Fishing 2...I extracted the game completely wrong...sorry about that.


Sega GT - Gameplay Freezes after BIOS, it's unplayable.


Sega Marine Fishing - Slight graphical errors during gameplay....hardly noticable. 100% Playable

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I downloaded this today and ran Tech Romancer on it. It worked just fine for several minutes, but in the middle of the battle, the sound started making a noise like an old CD player encountering a skip...

I'm running WinXP on a Gateway with a P4 2.8 gHz, 1.25 gigs of ram, and crappy onboard sound.

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