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nullDC Compatibility List

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I got Virtua Tennis (U) [MK-51054] up and running! It's i bit slow and fast at the same time but playable!



(Some issues regarding sound and no replays of the actions performed..)


Here's some screens:










Hope this emulator gets perfected because Dreamcast was/is the best console ever!

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Is the scope supposed to be blury in silent scope? lol, I dont remember...its been a while (I dont think it is)


Anyways, Silent scope works nice except for the actual scope part being blury, anyone know what I am talking about?

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18 Wheeler US (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C004CF4) JAPAN VERSION WORKS

F355Pal: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C004CF4)

Outtrigger: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C004F80)

Armada: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)

Sega Rally 2: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01259E)

Bomberman Online: (not implemented opcode : F17F : Unkown opcode @ AC004000)

Star Lancer: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)

Half Life: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)

4x4 Evolution: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)

Bust A Move 4: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)

Hidden and Dangerous: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)

Kiss Pycho Circus: (not implemented opcode : 38 : ldtlb @ 8C01257E)


Sega Gt: now loading then crashes emulator (Verify Failed ListIsFinished[new_list]==false)

AlienFrontOnline: Unplayable bad menus and graphic problems once in game.

DcAtari: No Video

Get Bass Pal: Crashes emulator (Error in .\dc\mem\sh4_area0.cpp)

Legacy of Kain: In game is missing most of the graphics

NFL 2k1: DC Swirl black screen

NFL 2k2: DC Swirl, intro screens, then black screen

San Fran Rush 2049: Boot then goes to Dreamcast bios

Tennis2k2: Playable in game replays are not displayed

Test Drive LeMans: Swirl, Intro screen, then OVERRLOAD (0 on delayslot, ingoring it ..)

Vanishing Point: Looping (Read16 from 0xB01D143F, not mapped [_vmem default handler])

Dance Dance Revolution Club Mix: Works but the resolution is very small

NBA Showtime: playable with random loud sound glitches

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18 Wheeler Japan: Playable

Confidential Mission: Playable

Crazy Taxi: Playable

Dance Dance Playable but screen size is not right

Dino Crisis Playable fast in some areas

Expendable: Playable

GauntletLegends: Playble

Headhunter: Playable

Disney Magical Racing Tour: Playable

Marine Fishing: Playable some graphic problems

Marvel VS Capcom 2: Playable

NFL Blitz 2000: Playable seems kinds fast & some textures flicker

NFL Blitz 2001: Playable

Rez: Playable

Silent Scope: Playable but scope windows has messed graphics

SuzukiAllstarRacing: Playable

Sports Jam: Playable

Sword of the beserker: Playable

Test Drive V Rally: Playable

Tokyo Extreme Racer: Playable

Trickstyle: Playable

Vigilante V8: Playable

Virtual Tennis: Playable but in game replays are not displayed

VrAthlete2k: Playable some graphics problems

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tried to run soul calibur (cdi format) on nullDC...


sega splash screen loads, but nothing past that... the prompt window reveals:


Scanning sectors 11850 to 101849 for PVD..

PVD found At sector 11866

RDR found At sector 11873


Scanning sector 11873 to 12272 for "1ST_READ.BIN" file entry

Found @ 11873:147, 0x1000001

sector : 11940, size : 3679460

flags : 0x0

Descrambling 1ST_READ.BIN and loading it to memory

Sh4 Reset

recSh4 Reset

not implemented opcode : 0 : Unkown opcode @ 0

Press Any key to continue



any ideas?

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Ikaruga - playable


Phantasy Star Online V. 2 - Playable, some graphic problems. Upon dying menu options are not viewable, graphics decompile.


Psyvariar 2 - playable, some slowness


Radilgy - playable, small graphic glitches. Some slowness


Trizael - Playable


Under Defeat - Playable


Shenmue and Shenmue 2 - Both have only displayed white screens for me, may have a bad rip. If someone has some settings tricks to make these work I would love the assistance.

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I'm trying to play Soul Calibur on nullDC, and it goes great. But I've just realised that if I enter arcade mode and beat the first enemy it just keeps coming back infinitely. It's not supposed to be like this, is it?

Is it an error because of the emu or what?

thanks in advance

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Hey! I registered now just to help out with my experiences with this emulator because it is simply fantastic and this is the least I can do. To be labled a 1.0 beta, it functions unbelievably well.


King of Fighters '99: Evolution

100% playable - Although there's a very annoying, significant graphical glitch where all of the 2D screens and most of the 3D content only appears on the top left-hand corner (approx. 1/4) of the rendered screen. SOME of the 3D objects during matches still fill the entire screen however they're also very awkward looking and off-centered. Also, very minor menu glitches.


Capcom vs SNK Milelennium Fight 2000

Capcom vs SNK 2

I should add that I noticed some minor glitches in the graphics in both. For Capcom vs SNK Milelennium Fight 2000, transparent parts of the backrounds do not display properly. Also in Capcom vs SNK 2, the color edit mode does not display properly when you try to edit the color values, making it difficult to use.

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Fire Prowrestling D: With default settings: Slow, layer issues at character selection. Essentially playable (If you can live with not knowing which of the 300+ wrestlers you are picking).


With Chankast powerVR plugin: Slow, but playable!

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