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  1. Yes, i know; great tool, i love it. but does nothing with that. don´t care. next nullDC release comes with keyboard and mouse support
  2. thanks for the tip!!! know i have all cars unlocked next releases include mouse and keyboard support I cannot be happier
  3. nullDC Progress Report: New Features, Problems Fixed, Problems Remaining (04/11/07) http://forums.ngemu.com/nulldc-forum/88095...04-11-07-a.html (...) Problems Fixed: Fixed a Dynarec bug that made characters behave "strange" on Sonic Adventure 2. The fix probably affects other games too. (...) Problems Remaining: Sonic Adventure 2 crashes after reaching specific events on Story Mode. http://forums.ngemu.com/nulldc-forum/88095...04-11-07-a.html it´s a know bug, so, . wait!
  4. Words from the official forum of this coooool emulator this; and the patch, i think can resolve most of the problems with this game... If not, you know.... Try another plugin. And let us know of course
  5. Today was my first day with this game. And it does hang on first level, i search a little on forums and found this http://ptsnake.no.sapo.pt/Sonic%20Adventur...elion%20Fix.rar a patch for Echelon Rip of the game (named e-sonic2.cdi) without the patch it hangs everytime on level one (playing with sonic) on city escape (something like that) dunno if playing in darkside hangs occours too and when, but if you have the version of Echelon screen on boot i sugest you to download and apply this patch (just extract it to the image folder and run the batch (.bat). If you have another version than echelon all i can say is try with another plugin, try turning palleted textures on / off, try. Just try! Try!!!
  6. works too, --nomusic with chankast audio plug and random hangs-- (using nullplug music works and seem stable); inside car camera show mirror @ full screen what a wonderfull game!! 40 fps of amazing graphics and speed (without frap recording, of course) Random hang with chankast audio plugin, perfect with null 4 Whell thunder playable, without glitches, but... my god.. i think i know about ugly games; this is the best of them 4x4 evolution nothing AirForce delta fairly unPlayable, half screen, 2d glitches Alien Front online unPlayable; onscreen map displayed @ full screen (cannot be turned off) Blue stinger Playable Buggy Heat Playable, perfect ... (it´sucks!) Chaos field Playable Confidential Mission Playable, without glitches Death Crimson OX Playable, without glitches Expendable: Millenium soldier Playable... glitch F1 racing championship Imput not working Playable Playable Macross M3 Playable Magforce racing playable ... Maken-x Playable, few glitches (damn, is the american ;(, I want to battle against the pope inside the Vatican) Maximun pool Nothing Mobile Suit Gundam Renpou Vs Zeon & DX Playables, slow Napple Tale: Alisia in Daydream Playable Prismaticallization Playable Super Hero Retsuden Playable Test Drive 6 Playable Test Drive: Les 24 heures du mans "overrload" screen, then nothing Toy Racer Error in.\dc\mem\sb.cpp:sb_WriteMem:422 -> Write to System Control Regs, Not implemented, addr=5f78a8,data=0 Imput not working Playable, commentary sound loop but can be turned off, full speed. Virtua Cop 2 Nothing Playable
  7. try with this.. http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/6339/mousejoy.zip QUOTE This converts your mouse in a joystick translating the mouse movements in keystrokes! (Made by http://www.geocities.com/aldo.vargas/ ) I think its designed for ultraHLE (n64 emu) only cos i can´t make it to work properly It´is suppoused to move the camara-stick of the n64 with the mouse (and n64 has no joy support, then it´s based on keyboard bindings), but ..... Seems to make lot´s of H keystrokes (ultrahle is mapped to T,G,F(and j, a bug),H) doesn´t work, only mouse buttons do (shot reload) i´m looking for... i send a mail to aldo vargas asking him to make a tool for this emulator. But my english is awfull. So if anyone with nice grammar (Not my Borat kind of) send him a mail asking for that, i bet he has no problem.
  8. Virtua Striker Daytona USA Super GT 24h Sega Rally (click on the thumbnails to see a video of them running on a p4 2.4 ghz with 512 ram)
  9. http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rl/download.html very strange, it´s a well know page; suresly i´ll back soon. but the link is working http://dl.tocaedit.com/ureschanger2.zip
  10. I triyed; but it does the same than Xpadder (without force feedback btw) these programs are to bind mouse or keys to joy. i want to bind keyboard in mouse (so when i move the mouse, it does type j j k l i j k l l) Key2mouse says it does, but i don´t understand how. maybe any prog to do macros with the mouse... thanks, gonna see update: Aldo´s tool "Mousejoy" does bind joystick in mouse. (you can move joystick with mouse) to bad with xpadder or key2joy it does nothing. seems to work only in programs with real joy support.
  11. I tryied with Key2mouse but ... Seems japanese to me. and btw thats not freeware. so, anyone know any program like Xpadder (a great program to bind keys/mouse on GamePad, with Force Feedback and dead zones) But for mouses? I wanna shot with my mice !!!            
  12. Try using NullDC (drkpvr) Plugin for graphics and Chankast plug for sounds -->read this<-- to know how to play on whatever resolution you like, but running it at 320x240 open nulldc.cfg and put Fullscreen.Enabled= to 1 Fullscreen.Res_X=320 Fullscreen.Res_Y=240 Fullscreen.Refresh_Rate=60 Enhancements.MultiSampleCount=1 Enhancements.MultiSampleQuality=1 i think goes a bit faster this way Try running a default image, on NullDC.cfg, put LoadDefaultImage= to 1 on DefaultImage=c:\Nulldc\blabla.cdi (Put the location of the image) IF anyone got more hints, i want to know!! the DC is dead ... Long lives the DC
  13. two photos: (click) videos Use Fraps to take screenshots (Or printScreen to paste on Paint) ps: ¿how can i attach an image instead of linking? i don´t see any attach button
  14. Here using NullDC With the spanish bios all work fine... I know using "empty aica plugin"; dunno why, it show the audioCD screen. ¿maybe is that? there are no need of daemon on NullDC cos it work with images. with a .cdi and the spanish bios (ESP) it work for me. use nulldc
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