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  1. Hey listen I know wat`s the Problem I downloaded a bad RIP . I want ECHELON Version.But I need Another F$ck&ng Forum that has`nt rull like snesorama too bad that server is replaced
  2. Hei I`m sorry to post again but I got problems with this game:Sonic Adventure 2 and before I say my problem How do I post an image ?
  3. I`ve changed my mind.I want to download the echelon version just send me the email adress and then we shall see.
  4. sh^t I don`t want to wait but i thing it will work at chankast but i can`t run the game.I heard about a version of chankast that has Sonic Adventure 2 Problem fixed but the link to it has been removed because that forum has pathetic ruls
  5. And it does not appear the data and time screen well at one emulator Chankast if someone knows what`s the problem I`ll appreciate.And I played it but in the middle of the game it will froze .I know what`s the problem The file is corrupt so I need The patch for this.Give me a direct link to it please!!
  6. You Know The question, my fie is named"Sonic_ech2 or so i think.
  7. Well The patch is asking me for E-Sonic2.CDI and I don`t have such format"CDI"but my Sonic Adventure 2 is an Mds And Mdf Format.So I need another patch
  8. Hei I have now Big Fat problems.After I pass Green Forest in Sonic Adventure 2.It is a cutscene that frozes and I can`t play anymore.This is on Hero Story but in the Dark Story I play Shadow At boss fighting with Sonic but camera is up and a hedgehog(I don`t know if he is Hhadow or Sonic because he`s small) appears little and I can`t PLAY!!???!!!Why does are happening i wanna know NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I`ve got downloaded Sonic Adventure On PC.I used Chankast for playng but it didn`t work.Oh well If someone knows the problem i`ll apreciate.Well after a month I downloaded the newest emulator NullDC.The Game worked but the fps whore between 20-30 FPS when I played.It is playable but slow.My Pc Specs: Pentium IV 500-600 Mb Ram 256 MB Nvidia Geforce I know That I don`t know my Pc Specs Perfectly but I want it faster.Well if its Video Card Nvidia,then Better don`t answer!!!!
  10. Hei in this emulator finally Sonic Adventure 2 Works perfectly except from the sound voices.
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