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What game would like us to review?

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I've been having some free time lately, if anyone wants a certain game reviewed, and if its ok with gamecop of course, I can do a review on it. That is if I've played the game, and I've played quite a few :)

It's A-OK with me! :D:D


In fact once you add the review, I'll post about it on the main page. ;)

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Hahaha... Jedi Academy.. you did that on purpose diso lol... (I really don't like that game, but i'll be fair :D) BTW I have the game, but I haven't really gotten anywhere in it yet... if I did a review right now on it, it would be inaccurate, sry ;) If theres any other games though, I'll be glad to review em. On the meantime, I've been working on Neverwinter Nights, but after that I might play Jedi Academy again, then I can review it I guess.

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Hmm I was just thinking about this. I've come up with a small list of games I completely wouldn't mind reviewing. Not that I would mind reviewing other games, but these ones I could do easily because I'm so used to them:

Deus Ex

Unreal Tournament

Postal 2

Soul Reaver 1/2

Blood Omen 2

Final Fantasy VII

Giants Citizen Kabuto


Age of Mythology /Expansion pack

Neverwinter Nights

Unreal 2


I'm sure theres more, I just can't think of them right now. Those are all PC games as well. If you want a review on any of those, go ahead and request it, or if you want a review on a different game, I can try that too because I've played many games :D

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I do want to see a request for Final Fantasy 7...


If RAG can put it up.... that will be great..


I have one question for all Final Fantasy 7 fans...


After Aeris falls to Sephiroth's masamune, a bit more later in the game, some


friend of mine said that using cloud, go back to the underwater city and at the long


winding down-ward stairs, you can see the dead spirit of Aeris!


If you have been nice to her during the game, she'll say "Hi, Cloud"


and if you have been not so friendly to her, she'll just stare at you..


Is this true???


and also, can you play as Zack( level 77 HP:7777 )???

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i played final fantasy long time ago i don´t remember about a char named zack, the secrets i remember being good were obtaining the knights of the round matter which was gr8 visuallly and in terms of power and also geting the ultima sword, i did that defeating one of the weapons and constantly beating it til it died, i couldn´t defeat the two other weapons though

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You can't play as Zack, you only see a flashback...


You'll see a reflection (spirit) of Aeris later, but she doesn't talk.


I have only beaten the "obligatory" Weapons, namely Diamond,and Ultima.

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well i meanafter defeating them you can chase them through the world map and kill by constantly defeating them several times till they die them i just could kill on of them and got the ultima sword but couldn´t beat the other two

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