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What game would like us to review?

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we demand answers! just kidding. but yea i would like to know.

Hello? can we review games or not? or do we have to be apart of the 1emulatiopn staff?

You can only review games when you become a Premium Member.

So once you hit a 100 posts, you then get access to that.

Please read the guidelines first though in the thread.


Whenever someone makes a review, it gets posted on the main page as well.


We hope to read some soon. :-D

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I'm going to add a ton of reviews soon when I can...


Some that Will Be Included Are:


BF: Vietnam

Lock On: Modern Air Combat

C&C Generals

C&C Generals Zero Hour

Raven Shield


Console Reviews have to be handled by someone else since I only have a PC and I'm working on re-editing the flash movie ;)


Happy playing :P

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Don't review any. I don't listen to reviews ever.

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