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How old are you?

Devia Eleven

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Holy smokes, a bunch of youngsters. I feel like an old man. 30.

Once you hit 25, it's all downhill.

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well i am 16 year old and going to turn 17 on november da third :clapping:

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Seems like only Supe, James and Inky are those surpasess 30 yrs old.


Yup, but I do look quite a bit younger. Last week a new lad started at work and he asked me if I was a uni student. He couldn't believe it when I told him I left college 11 years ago. :clapping: He couldn't accept the fact that I was 10 years older than him. :D

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23. "Nijyuunisan da (二十三)" for those who understand the language in question.


flock this. I want to be 20 again.


I understand your kanji my good sir, but your romaji is suspect.


I take it you mean Nijyuusan da? ROFLCAKES! :clapping:

Yes, one ni too many. Gah.

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