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Personal Top 10 Games

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1. Championship Manager - Amiga/PC


This game is responsible for more game play hours than the rest combined, so is definately my first pick - The rest are,


Bubble Bobble Trilogy - Arcade (Parasol Stars - Amiga)

Deluxe Galaga - Amiga

Discs Of Tron - Arcade

FIFA Series - Various (FIFA 99 - 3DFX PC)

GTA Series - PC (Vice City)

Streets Of Rage Series- Megadrive (SoR 2)

Tempest 2000 - Jaguar

Tetris - Gameboy

Time Pilot - Arcade


On the series picks my fave is in brackets.

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damnit i was just about to start this thread lol my 10 in no particular order are:

1. ninja gaiden series (nes)

2.punchout(nes&snes) two of the best boxing games ever imo

3.street fighter series(multiplatform) i think i have spent way too much money on these games too damn addictive lol

4. metal slug series (neo geo) hands down the best side scrollers shooters ever

5.castlevania SON(psx) best castlevania i have played

6. metal gear series(multi platform) the whole series is just so intrigiung

7.tekken series(psx&ps2) mackdaddy of 3-d fighters

8.final fight (arcade) can always play this games and not be tired of it

9.Double dragon(arcade) i just love this game

10.final fantasy 7 (psx) the game that got me back into rpg's

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I was going to start this thread too :D


Anyway here is my top 10 and reasons why I picked them. I also can't really put them in any order because they are different genres. So it is just my 10 favourite games of all time.


1. Championship Manager: I have been playing this since the very beginning. It has no snazzy graphics, didn't have audio till the 2nd game (and even then it sucks and still does). This game is about taking something a putting it in perfect computer form. It's a game that has broken up marriages, relationships, lost people jobs, made people fail exams. It is THAT addictive! There is no more accurate representation of football management out there. It's so good that it can pick out transfers and stars of the future before the football world has even heard about them. If you don't like football then you will hate this game. If you do however love it like me then this is video gaming's equivalent to crack.


2. Half-Life: I bought half-life on the day of release after it got 95% or something in PC gamer. The intro is one of the best ever and sets things up so nicely and I enjoyed the game from start to finish (although the alien levels were a bit poopy). What makes this game so amazing is the ammount of mods that are available for it. It's easily the best value game I've ever owned. Natural Selection, Public Enemy, Counterstrike, Day of Defeat, Firearms, Specialists, Street Wars, Team Fortress, and so many more. Roll on HL2 and the mods :D


3. Tetris:- The definittive version being the one that came with the gameboy mono. Simply the best game ever IMO. I don't think I could ever get bored of Tetris as it's simply the perfect game. There have been a lot of new versions over the years but they all pretty much suck compared to the GB original. There are some cool homebrew variations for GBA like tetanus on drugs.


4. Doom I&II: The first time I played Doom I nearly wet myself. That wasn't the fear (that came later :shock: ) it was just that I was so blown away by the thing. Wolfenstein was good but man this was a whole different kettle of fish. Oh and I defy you to play Doom I/II in the dark on your own and not be scared :wink:


5. Mario Brothers 3: The only reason I am not going to beat up the head of Nintendo for another port is because it's a port of this game. Probably my favourite platform game ever. Mario 2 sucked so much so I expected this to be just as bad but oh boy it was goooooooood. I play this game whenever I lose my faith in modern games, just to remind me that I will always have amazing games to emulate. Mario 64 nearly made my list but Mario Brothers 3 is the better game.


6. Sam & Max: Lucasarts make crap star wars games now. There used to be a time when they were the kings of adventure. Sam & Max is easily the funniest game ever created. Never before had an adventure game made me laugh so much. Grim fandango is also up at the top but the twisted humor of Sam & Max just edges it out.


7. TIE Fighter: I love star wars. I'm not a huge star wars nerd though so I do think all the latest games have sucked and that the two prequels were really crap. This game still feels totally fresh today and makes you really feel part of the star wars universe. It also lets you play as a bad guy which is even better. Die Skywalker, DIE!


8. Streetfighter series: Ok Streetfighter 1 wasn't that good (apart from the arcade machine that you could beat the crap out of) but Streetfighter II was like a gaming orgasm to me. I love a bit of violence and this quenched my thirst nicely. It was also the first really excellent fighting game to come to all the home consoles (even the handhelds!). There have been plenty versions but Streetfighter II remains my favourite just because of it's significance.


9. Chrono Trigger: I am not the biggest fan of Japanese style RPGs but Chrono Trigger is an exception. It's just such a detailed and huge game with a great story and diverse characters. I'm pretty sure this would be in the top 2 places of everyones favourite RPGs. This is also a game that I played during a very tough time in my life. It's funny but being someone else in another world really helped me out. I think that is why a lot of people like RPGs. To combat teen depression :lol: Anyway, Square should port it to the GBA just for me :roll:


10: Zelda Series: Just more Nintendo Genius. My favourite game being links awakening on the Snes/GBA. Wind Waker is also good but I hate all the sailing crap. Actually I prefer all the 2d versions (Ages of seasons/oracles, four swords, zelda dx) to all the 3d versions.



Honourable mentions go to Metroid Series, Sonic series, Sid Meiers Pirates!, Advance Wars, Grand Theft Auto series, Goldeneye, Sim City series, Halo, Resident Evil series, Crazy Taxi, Radiant Silvergun, Metal Slug series.


I know I will probably have forgotten some games. It's a lot harder to think up a top 10 than I imagined it would be. Also I think my top 10 probably changes every week just due to the fact that I'm loving one genre one minute and loving another one the next.

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my list is up but my very top honors goes out to soul edge and soul calibur just 2 almost perfect games.

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Just to let the Americans (who hate Football) know, they might get their own take on the Championship Manager experience in the future. SI Games (the programmers) are working on a version based around Ice Hockey- at the moment called called Eastside Hockey Manager.

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Er I'll try to make 1 :D


1. Vs. Series (Arcade/PSX/PS2/Dreamcast): The marvel vs capcom, marvel vs street fighter. yadda yadda yadda games. These games just pulled me farther into the coolness of fighting games making them my favorite genre of all time.


2. Counter-Strike (PC): What can I say? its my favorite multiplayer online game right now espeically with my friends. Nothing like shooting people and knifing unsuspecting ppl. TALK TO ME ON AIM EMSLEY SO WE CAN PLAY TOGHETHER YAAAH! :shock:


3. Final Fantasy 7 (PSX): One of the best of all Final Fantasies. Great music. Great Storyline. Great (but long) Summons. Yaah!


4. Bubble Bobble (arcade): I practically grew up with these dinosaurs when I was young. I enjoyed the game ever since.


5. Pacman (Arcade): Just watching the lil yellow thing go around eating things. The best part is when ppl die and their reaction :roll:. *Most One is Throwing up their hands and temptation to hit the machine*


6. Starcraft (PC): Game that showed Strategy to me. Enjoyed playing custom and melee maps. Even made maps about my school haha. Otherwise, the heroes were cool and so was the story. Tactics were always needed and are very useful even when you're outnumbered. Great Game :wink:


7. Shining Force Series (Genesis): When I first came here to emulforums, you saw an avatar and guys walking around in my signature. The guys walking around was the hero of Shining Force. The guy in the picture was the Evolved form of the hero. These games provided a new type of Rpg which was pretty cool.


8. Super Mario World (SNES): This game was always fun to me. There were many secrets for you to figure out and fun things to do. I really liked this game only because I developed my likeness for my favorite characters: Boo and Ba-Bomb :lol:


9. King of Fighter Series (Neo Geo/Arcade): These were plenty of fun. I liked how you can choose over many Characters. The Striker system was also new to me. Plus, some of those characters were krazy yet funny, *Shingo!*.


10. Chrono Trigger (SNES): One of the best Rpgs out there. I get interested in games that have to deal with time especially if its an rpg. Had cool music and a sweet plot. One of the first games I played that had tons of endings.


Honorable Mentions:

1. Destrega (PSX): You probably didn't heard of this one. I thought it was kind of cool. It was in completely 3d. What I mean by that is that you can move around freely and jump on stuff. You could charge up magic and use them in different combinations. Plus the music was catchy :D


2. Trap Runner (PSX): This was also pretty cool. You run around setting traps hoping that the other person will step on them. You can defuse them if you got the speed to. However, if the guy shoots you with his/her gun, the thing blows up in your face. There are also special abilities that are pretty cool.


Theres my top 10 list haha

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This is so hard...


I dont think i can be as discriptive as you guys thogh :shock:


1]Pro evolution soccer.

You cant really ask much more from a football game, like ya say if you dont like football you will h8 it, if you ever played sunday league football and just wished you could be as good as the stars then this game gets you as close to realisim as possibile.


2]Yoshis island.

Super nintendo rude boy of games!!

I loved every second of this game from start to finnish, i saved up my pockey money for this game and at the time my pocket money was very very low...



I started of on dial up...

I used to go on servers with the name "Mr club" My sole intention...

To pistol whip people without fireing a single shot the hole game.

I used to sucseed as well, i have played the best, i have played the new guys, i have even played cheats, i have even cheated at this game [not any more]

This game has made me want to physicly kill real living beings, its also gave me the feeling of acomplishment as i swore to myself i would become a top 3 player, any server ANYWARE :roll: i can finnsih in the top 3 rankings, as long as there not cheating...

"come back when you have had some target practise!!" :wink:


4]Metal slug titles...

Imagine going to arcades as a kid with only enuff money for a few goes..

We wore a poor family...

But i used to slam my money in any metal slug booth i could find.


So imagine my delight when i finally figured i need something called a "bios rom" to get NeoRage XP working :D


5]Championship manager series [Not 4]

I got into the scene when champmanager 3 hit the shelves.

And thats it ever since, 4 does not make it at all for me it was a disgrace.


6]Monkey island 1 and 2.

Lucas arts point and click, althogh i am purely bored of them now [apart from number 1]

It was the first taste i ever got, of what you know as point and click...Imagine it would have been a good introduction now wouldent it


"I am rubber! You are glue! :lol:


7]Grand theft auto vice city.

I recently got my ghey card to run this and i haave been hooked ever since, basicly "you own the town" given enuff time...

You may catch your self punching a copper and shouting out loud "i own this town biatch"...


8]Street fighter 2...

Such found childhood memories :D


9]Virtua cop¬!

This was seriously good fun, one of the few "New generation" arcades were i was happy to put in the £1 for 5 credits.


10]Half life/Counterstrike.

I love the solo missions and even have oposing forces and blue shift.

These games rock hard guys, like DC lover said last few levels on the first half life relly mess it up for me...

I have only just begune to get into counterstrike...

There is no in betwenn at the moment i ever really suck [ really suck

Or i do really well, it just depends what state of mind im in and also the exsperiance levels of the over players im playing...



Shouts outs go to.


Metroid prime, garou mark of the wolves, super mario world on the snes, and the zelda titles bar wind waker [Nintendo why did you rush?]

Oh and the tony hawks games apart from 3!!

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my turn

1. castelvania

2. sin and punishment

3. sonic sereos (gensis)

4. ridnt silver gun

5. f-zero x (n64)

6. castelvania 64

7. micy mania (gensis)

8. donky kong countary sereos (snes)

9. mortal kombat 3

10. Banjo Kazooie

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here is my top 10 IN ORDER:


1.) Ultima IV


2.) Zork 1,2,3


3.) GTA 3


4.) Pirates!


5.) Bards Tale 1


6.) Doom


7.) FF VII


8.) Age of Empires - The Conquerers


9.) Killing Time


10.) Command & Conquer - Red Alert


Thats my story....and I'm stickn' to it!!

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1- Shining Force 3

2- FF X

3- GTA Vice City

4- Mdeal of Honor Allied Assault

5- Virtua Tennis

6- Unreal Tournament 2003

7- Mortal Kombat Series

8- Panzer Dragoon

9- Golden Sun

10- Streets of Rage

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No order :


Iss Pro Evo (psone


Castlevania / Dracula (dunno which)

Sonic (most, but 2 mainly)


Panzer Dragoon Saga

Scud Race/Sega Super GT

Daytona USA

ISS (snes)

Valis III

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