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What languages do you speak besides English?


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German badly.



Ja=Yes and lots of other varibiles n such.


Ich liebe ROM und im ein hippy. = i love roms and im a hippy


Emsleys sagt hallo auf deutsch = emsley says hello in german


Notice hello= hallo :lol:


And i dont know why i know this one [its due to medel of hoor or sumin]


Feigling= coward.


You would say it like this word for word in english.




He he

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spanish is a neccessity where i live. i can understand it when it is spoken to me, and i can also speak it well enough to carry on a conversation. cant read or write it worth a damn though. :lol: i learned the language from my father, even though he is irish/native american, he speaks spanish fluently. i also learned french in high school, but only remember a few phrases now.

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