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  1. I made a.bin file a.nrg file. When I opened Nero to burn the.nrg, there was no menu asking me about switching data modes, i looked for it but didn't find it.
  2. When I burn a game with a cue, do I burn the.cue and the.bin file in one image then burn it?
  3. I remember a little Spanish from high school and I have taken 2 semesters of Japanese so far.
  4. How do you burn an iso on nero so that it will run right in the psx? How do you burn a.bin and.cue file so it will run in the psx? Can you burn more than 1 game to a cd and have it run on the psx?
  5. It came as a.nrg file so I believe that it is right.
  6. Thanks for posting the specs needed Gamecop! I was wondering if my pc would be able to run the game.
  7. A real good anime site to read everthing about all three Dragonball series is www.dbzgtlegacy.com
  8. I loved the Genesis when it first came out. Only within the last year have I learned that the SNES is far more superior to the Genesis.
  9. I use Nero also but at college in the pc labs the only burning program they have is Roxio CD Creator 5. I use the college pc's to download stuff off websites and at home for p2p's.
  10. I love that. It is hilarious. Dave Chappelle is a really funny comdeian.
  11. I like the DDR games. Also, Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 and the Tetris game for the psx.
  12. Thanks ME! Now I have to get an arcade emulator just to play the game. I remember playing that game years ago at a supermarket.
  13. I downloaded utopi boot disc v1.2 off kazaa? is that real or has 1.2 came out since the first post?
  14. Does anybody know if this old arcade game has been emulated? Any info. would be helpful.
  15. Ranma 1/2 is very funny! I watch DBZ, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin and many more shows. 1 show to check out is Excel Saga. Funny! My fav. anime is Cowboy Bebop
  16. My controller is pretty old actually. I definitely want another controller to play mugen with though.
  17. Thanks Gamecop, now I can actually play Mugen. Also, do you know how to let me play my propad 6 controller on the game. I tried to configure it in options but it wouldn't let me do it.
  18. You cannot burn a ps2 game (except for the first few) without having a dvd drive on your pc right?
  19. I live in western MD and they have a lot at my local Software Etc. The Dreamcast can run VCDs!? Do you hvae to mod the system for it to be able to do that? I might have to go out and get one for that reason alone.
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