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Out of the game for too long...

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So, I started college. And drinking. And smoking. And crap.


Anyway, I've been out of the emulation scene for about a year and also a bit out of gaming for a year (I still read my IGN, though).


Give me the some of the more important things that have occured in the scene.

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pshaw, the only real BIG important thing you missed is right here in these forums. DSWifi! (Hell I don't even own a DS and I am aware of this importance)


Other than that........same ol' same ol'. Gaming wise, nothing special really. Criterion just released Black, which by all intents and purposes is one cool "Blow sh!t up shooter", but don't play it if you want some story or tactics.


If you own an Xbox, X-Port is back in action and updating his emulators.........good news big time.


Err I can't really think of anything else that isn't generic filler material, pretty sad state emulation and gaming is in IMO.

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