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Portmapping won't be necessary in the lobby-release (which should this weekend !)

Although it is prefered by me, because it saves bandwith, and that mode is thoroughly tested.(I may include VoIP for port-mapping users in a later version, as a little bonus....however I can't include that for non-port-mapping users, because of my bandwith !)


Slosha, I would try, if you can get it to work with the "incoming" area only.

Maybe you have a tab in your routers setup called "virtual server" - that's how it is called on my router....but every router is a little different.

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I have the first LOBBY VERSION online :)


I'm sure there are still lots of bugs to fix, but I need many testers now.


Download at : http://qwerty.servebeer.com/lobby-BLUBB.rar


Portmapping isn't necessary, although preffered by me, because it limits bandwith usage.


Features :


-Server-based savegames. Your NDS will be recognized at logon (don't worry, I won't save any personal data of your NDS)

-Top Ten : "games won %" / "hits %" ; your user has to have at least 3 games + 1 game per week registerd, to be on the list.

-Lobby-Broadcast Chat

-Invite other players


Explanation of the user-list :


a "P" in front means "private", that means a user doesn't accept games of random users.

a "O" in front means "open" - the player accepts games from anyone.

If you press on "play" in the lobby-menu, you change your state to "open" (that's similar to nintendo's "worldwide" setting).

Invitations are automatically acknowledged by "open" players.

If the username is in brackets, the player is away playing a round of blubb - he won't receive the lobby-messages, nor can he send messages to the lobby.



See you in the lobby :)

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Sorry guys, I already had a bug in the lobby....


But thanks to you I was able to figure out why (although you haven't noticed helping me :))


I hope now it should work


P.S: still many bugs in the lobby :)


If you want to play a stable game, forward the ports 9999 and 10000 UDP.

The server-based game isn't properly bugfixed yet....but feel free to connect anytime :)


(I'll be hanging around in the lobby with my NDS and wait for beta-testers, whenever I am at my PC :P )

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overall, its the best to place your NDS IP in the DMZ, considering almost every online homebrewgame needs you to fast foward diffrent ports :)


And yeah, this is one kewl game ;) ( even though Ive tried the lobby a bit before it was released :unsure: )

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