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  1. Hi, My problem : NDS and PC are both in the same LAN. As soon as windows sends out a ARP-request (win does this on a regular basis with all dynamic ARP-table entries) the NDS stops receiving (or sending ?! can't remember right now) all messages. This bug has been in the WiFi-Lib since the beginning. I worked around that bug, by giving my NDS a static ARP-enty. Maybe the CVS-team could try to find that bug and eliminate it ?
  2. Yes, I got the questiopn right ! Blubb was tested with two NDS's, both in the SAME network (one AP, both NDS's connected to it, communicating with each other) KnightOfDragon, did you use different ports on each NDS ? (that's very important, if you are on the same network !)
  3. Yes, an early version of blubb was succesfully tested on W-LAN. (one AP, wifi-lib 0.2)
  4. qw3rty


    I use UDP - I haven't put much work into blubb, after the new lib was released (to much work with my bees - they need much attention this time of the year)
  5. qw3rty


    Yes, but I didn't start to include it yet (I have looked into voice-codecs a little, LPC10 or ADPCM should be fast enough maybe) I had to much to work in the last weeks - no time to program
  6. My new router is causing problems - it needs to be reset from time to time... I did it yesterday - it seems like it crashed again.... (the new router was supposed to FIX the problems I had with my NDS....I'll buy only quality hardware in the future...grrr )
  7. I will, if I'm not disqualified because of the beta I released in this topic
  8. Great work Nice idea to use servo's to physically push the buttons, when you simply could have opened the xbox-controller to close the contact on the controller-board We want to see a "NDS/PSP to KEYBOARD"
  9. Yes, the calibration is VERY bad It's on top of my to-do list. I have updated the download on my page - the new version should work with portmapping activated again ! (I screwed up something in the startup-communication for direct-conenct games) http://qwerty.servebeer.com/lobby-BLUBB.rar
  10. Sorry guys, I already had a bug in the lobby.... But thanks to you I was able to figure out why (although you haven't noticed helping me ) I hope now it should work P.S: still many bugs in the lobby If you want to play a stable game, forward the ports 9999 and 10000 UDP. The server-based game isn't properly bugfixed yet....but feel free to connect anytime (I'll be hanging around in the lobby with my NDS and wait for beta-testers, whenever I am at my PC )
  11. I have the first LOBBY VERSION online I'm sure there are still lots of bugs to fix, but I need many testers now. Download at : http://qwerty.servebeer.com/lobby-BLUBB.rar Portmapping isn't necessary, although preffered by me, because it limits bandwith usage. Features : -Server-based savegames. Your NDS will be recognized at logon (don't worry, I won't save any personal data of your NDS) -Top Ten : "games won %" / "hits %" ; your user has to have at least 3 games + 1 game per week registerd, to be on the list. -Lobby-Broadcast Chat -Invite other players Explanation of the user-list : a "P" in front means "private", that means a user doesn't accept games of random users. a "O" in front means "open" - the player accepts games from anyone. If you press on "play" in the lobby-menu, you change your state to "open" (that's similar to nintendo's "worldwide" setting). Invitations are automatically acknowledged by "open" players. If the username is in brackets, the player is away playing a round of blubb - he won't receive the lobby-messages, nor can he send messages to the lobby. See you in the lobby
  12. Portmapping won't be necessary in the lobby-release (which should this weekend !) Although it is prefered by me, because it saves bandwith, and that mode is thoroughly tested.(I may include VoIP for port-mapping users in a later version, as a little bonus....however I can't include that for non-port-mapping users, because of my bandwith !) Slosha, I would try, if you can get it to work with the "incoming" area only. Maybe you have a tab in your routers setup called "virtual server" - that's how it is called on my router....but every router is a little different.
  13. I have included the new wifi-library. WEP & DHCP should work now. Blubb uses connection settings #1, edit them with an official online Game (e.g. Mario Kart) http://qwerty.servebeer.com/WIFI-BLUBB.rar
  14. Hi, I want to inform you, that the work is progressing in huge steps. The lobby should be ready for first public release in about a week I hope... If you can't wait that long, feel free to contact me - I'm in need of beta-testers, even more now, because I need at least 3 users connected to the lobby, to test broadcast-messages. My Contact Information can be found in the first post in this thread. I have updated the download on my page too....that will be the last non-lobby version. The main change is, that the images are compressed now...transfer should be faster.
  15. Small Update : - 5 times faster zoom-out function - fixed some glitches. Next Update will include LOBBY ! (I'll start working on it NOW !) I hope the first test-verson will be ready in the next two days.
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