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    Yes, but I didn't start to include it yet (I have looked into voice-codecs a little, LPC10 or ADPCM should be fast enough maybe) I had to much to work in the last weeks - no time to program <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it would be really awsome to have as an implention ( and then you would win the wifi game competition as well ) are you using UDP or TCP as the protocol for Blubb by the way?
  2. Hmm, a http downloader eh? Ive never heard of that one x_x; do you have a link?
  3. D-loader


    ROFL! Most people think his project is fake anyway, thats what Ive heard
  4. Wow! this one roX Edit: Can you check if www.live365.com stations can be supported?
  5. It means the next version will be 2.0, yes
  6. Yeah but it doesn't display them as a web browser would. It's more of a HTML editor instead of a viewer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know However, its still the best "ds-browser" so far .. I wonder if he'll look into it, and add wifi-support?
  7. This is nothing but a layout.. I'ts not even usefull in this state
  8. I think people will wait for the Ram extention to come out first, before making a browser.. it would make it more smooth I suppose DsOrganize can read .html files though
  9. Yeah, followed closely by "higher volume" .. I think it has something to do with the soundchannels.. its only using 2 as for now, right?
  10. it have been playing for.. hmm.. 15 minutes now? no problems so far I must say, we're really seeing some -very- interesting apps for the DS lately, yours being in the top league too .. msnds, internet-radio.. all sorts of good apps Please keep working on this, its so awesome, and I'd like to see it become even better
  11. You've noticed its a wifi -game- compo, haven't you?
  12. overall, its the best to place your NDS IP in the DMZ, considering almost every online homebrewgame needs you to fast foward diffrent ports And yeah, this is one kewl game ( even though Ive tried the lobby a bit before it was released )
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