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I'll begin working on the lobby next week, that should solve your problem, fireblood.


Why a standalone chat-client ? You don't have to play the game, to chat ;)

And I will include lobby chat, so you will be able to chat with more people at once :)

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I want to inform you, that the work is progressing in huge steps.


The lobby should be ready for first public release in about a week I hope...

If you can't wait that long, feel free to contact me - I'm in need of beta-testers, even more now, because I need at least 3 users connected to the lobby, to test broadcast-messages.


My Contact Information can be found in the first post in this thread.


I have updated the download on my page too....that will be the last non-lobby version.


The main change is, that the images are compressed now...transfer should be faster.

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How do we forward a port to a router... (mine is a U.S. Robotics router). I have connected to my router before but it's kinda complicated to forward a port, especially when you don't knwo what you are doing.


These are all the things my router is requiring me to fill out:


Special Application: O Enable O Disable


Name: DS



-Protocol: TCP/UPD/ICMP/ or * for all (which one?)

-Port Range: 9999???? (i'm not sure about this one)



-Protocol: TCP/UDP/ICMP/ or * for all (which one?)

-Port: 9999???? Or this one


..yes, i posted this is the PointyRemote area too.... but that one i kinga close to dead.....

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