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  1. Haven't heard of it. Where'd u get it?
  2. Yeah but it doesn't display them as a web browser would. It's more of a HTML editor instead of a viewer
  3. Nope....at least not yet.
  4. Damn, sounds cool......gotta give it a try!!!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I will keep tweaking my setting and if all else fails, I'll just wait until your next update
  6. I have a Quetec Softgate PCI adapter.....Nintendo WiFi works just fine but the wifi-lib doesnt. Do any of you other guys have this wireless card?
  7. I really like this app
  8. I agree with you man, my money's on HD-DVD. I think it wil catch on faster to the ordinary consumer simply because everyone knows wat a "DVD" is lol. Blu-ray........R.I.P. Oh yeah, will be gettin a Wii on launch day! Screw Sony and their PS3
  9. This game is coming along really nicely. Maybe you should enter it into the wifi coding competition
  10. Damn, this thing is gonna cost an arm and BOTH legs
  11. Here is the problem I have: My DS connects to Nintendo Wifi just fine. And, your wifi-lib detects my AP too. But it won't connect to it at all. I'm broadcasting my SSID but the name doesn't appear when it detects my AP. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  12. I hope this game turns out to be good
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