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I have a new version on my page, I just played it, and it didn't crash so far (fingers crossed, that it stays that way)


Download the NEW version at : http://qwerty.servebeer.com/WIFI-BLUBB.rar


P.S. : Another minor update :


-included sound when a message is sent / received

-sent message is cleared (you can get it back with "X" though)


P.P.S : The non-lobby version release should be within a week -

tell me what you like and dislike, feature requests, etc. that I can try to include everything.


To-Do for the non-lobby version :

-Use Nick from firmware for online matches

-Implement saving of the statistics (maybe I won't include this untill the lobby-version, in which I plan to implement server-sided save-states)

-Enhance menu-graphics (mainly the chat-window)

-Enhance the reading of the touch screen (especially on very light pressures)

-fix various bugs (Round isn't increased on the client side etc.)

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After one week of trying to fix blubb with one socket, I gave up, and included an extra socket exclusively for the chat.


You have to forward port 9999 & 10000 on the server side now (still NO portforwarding needed on the client side), but it should be much more stable now (I have yet to see a crash, but I haven't played too much test-matches yet)


Download the new version on my page : http://qwerty.servebeer.com/WIFI-BLUBB.rar

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The downloads on my page have been updated again.



Robert, you are right - I should release it with proper version numbers....but it was in such an unstable state in the past, I didn't want to release it yet....


Changes since last post :


- Incuded message history

- check for lost packets in the chat included (message history should be concurrent in most situations)

- login code enhanced (it didn't properly start over in case of failure in the past versions)

- fixed MANY bugs in the network code



To-Do :

- too much to list here ;)

(zoomed out view of message history, lobby, bigger pens, etc....)

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Yet another update :


-fixed network-code again

-zoomed out view of the message history included (Press SELECT to switch zoom-mode)

-thicker pens included (click on pen again, after it's been selected, to change thickness)


most important point on the to-do-list :


-TEST, TEST and TEST (I need YOU ! send me a message, or contact me via instant messenger)




Contact me at :

dreamflat@hotmail.com (MSN-messenger and eMail)

or ICQ : 157831620

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