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  1. Yea. I know. It just developed so fast. *sigh*
  2. RAM:∞MB CPU:∞Ghz Internet Speed:∞Gbps Harddisk:∞TB ...
  3. I actually think Audacity is one of the best sound editors.
  4. I just remembered load.to EDIT: LOL typo.
  5. It wouldbe cool if anyone made a MAME (does not need to be wifi) emulator for the ds. I badly want to play street fighter 2 on my ds!!
  6. This is one of the funniest comics I ever read. LOL
  7. davos1

    Help, please

    The max media lauancher is probably BS since it said it can run any.exe file.
  8. I love homebrew software like this!! If only there was a internet raidio for the ds.
  9. Finally I can play BASS on my ds!
  10. This is probably the best homebrew game. It fun single player but with a lobby there's limitless features. Does anyone know that 3d homebrew pool game for the ds? That would be cool online.
  11. Everyone heard of that. I'd rather have a homebrew one because of its modibility.
  12. I know this has been asked alot, but now it's different. I am asking who is currently working on a web browser. I wouldn't mind if it was text based. I think it's actually better if is text based. I know about th dslinux web browser but I can't be stuffed typing commands for wifi before I can use the internet.
  13. I can't wait fot this because I'm getting a wrieless router in a few days.
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