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  1. I ask for xlink kai because i canot find some 1 to play whit me.
  2. Do you think this game can suport xlink kai on wifi
  3. hey some 1 want to go on the server on bafio for chating
  4. hello i need pointy ds remote for porn browsing on my ds
  5. hello i want a link to donwload win2ds pls
  6. but do you think i can do something whit that
  7. I want to if i can use my gba amp like a flash card some way whit a hack pls help.
  8. I don't understand that do we have to use wifime.
  9. I have find something my ds can connect to xlink kai whit mkds and i dont have a pci cart. thething is that when i connect he think it the gamecube is say gamecube configure proprely Moderator says: Use the Edit button next time
  10. whit my router and ds wifi what can i do.
  11. hello i have a wirless router dlink air plus xtreme G but i dont have pci cart, but can i do some thing whit it like wifi me or wmb something
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