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Yes. In fact, his staff has runes on it, I think I used that, didn't I? Well, yeah, his staff has runes in it, and he can activate them in different ways. Say there's a fire rune on a sword. He can use the rune to throw a fire ball or imbue the sword with fire. All depends on what he needs. In his staff, the runes are carved, so their permanent, but if they were on there with, say, ink or something, they would dissapear after a few uses.

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The five adventurers had a hard landing, but luckily nobody got hurt.


Nelfag spoke first. "We are going to investigate here. First, we will get into archeologist's outfits. Than, we will split up and start following people."


"Wait!" Racid says. "That will disturb the archeologists's work!"


"Oh, I forgot." Nelfag sighs. "I forgot we have a dumbass on the group. Don't worry Racid, we will try to follow them quietly."


A beautiful woman pass 30 meters from them. "I volunteer to follow her!" Lucius jumps.


Ryla punches Lucius on his head. "I know what you are thinking, and you are not going to get it! I will follow her."


Lucius complains to himself. "There is no way I will find other babes in a place like this..."


The five start looking for clothes.




Nelfag and Racid, now wearing short brown pants, white T-shirts, brown sleeveless jackets and brown wide hats, look at a group of archeologists transferring large creates from the digging area. "You will follow them." Nelfag suggests.


"But I will disturb them if I do it!" Racid objects.


"No you won't." Nelfag says. "You will help them move the creates. You can't disturb them if you help them, can you?"


"Well, I guess you'r right..." Racid starts. Nelfag pushes him toward the archeologists. "Now go! The sooner we get rid of you the better..." he adds with a whisper.




Simon the archeologist walks around Tasoben ruins. He is shocked to see a robot wearing short brown pants, white T-shirt, brown sleeveless jacket and brown wide hat.


"Hello, fellow researcher." the robot says. "Do you mind if I'll be around you, like us humans like to do?"




Ryla walks after the woman they saw before. Suddenly, the woman notices Ryla.


"Ahw!!! I didn't know there are other women here!!! I have some very important work to do, but lets go shopping instead!!!" she says, grabs Ryla by her hand, and starts running.


Ryla is forced to run after her, confused. "I didn't think there are clothing shops in this place..."


"Sure there are!" The woman says. "Though they only sell short brown pants, white T-shirts, brown sleeveless jackets and brown wide hats..."




Nelfag enters the bar. "Well, time to gather some information..." he says, and orders a drink.




The adventurers gather in a small building.


"I found nothing." Alos reports. "What about you guys?"


"No luck." Racid says, as he rubs his sprained muscles.


"Nothing *HICK* here either" Nelfag says. Ryla looks at him with rebuke.


"Well, I havn't found anything." she says. "But I got myself new shoes!"


They look at Lucius, who is sitting on a computer, playing Pacman.


"What?" he defends himself. "I'm just taking a short break. You won't belive what I found - hey Alos, can I install this game on you?"


Alos struggles to stay calm. "I won't even respond to this one. Just tell us what you found."


Alos exits from the game. "Well, I can understand most of the writing on those artifacts, but this one is pretty common there, yet I can't understand it". He types something, and a rune appears on the screen.


"Hey, I know this one!" Racid proclaims. "Than tell us!" the others say.


"Well, if according to what I remember history class." Racid says. "The meaning of this rune is 'Chuck Norris'"




Diego's doctor told him he should relax, but Diego isn't relaxed. He isn't relaxed at all. How can he relax when it have been three days since Ghede sent him on this mission, and he found nothing?


Diego's phone rings. Ghede is on the other side. "Report!"


"Lord Ghede... I'm sorry to report we have nothing."


"Whaaaaaat? Then what are those rumors about the police investigating thefts in the Tasobe ruins?"


"We found artifacts to steal... but someone else stole them before us..."


"Then find who is stealing my artifacts and take them from him!!!! You have anohter three days!"


Diego sighs. It seems the doctor's orders will just have to wait...




"Chuck Norris?" Ryla asks.


"Yes, Chuck Norris." Racid replies. "Chuck Norris was the first Ranger. He was a mighty warrior, the head of the Texas Rangers. After he died, the Texas Rangers splited into three seperate tribes: the Hertselia-Pituach tribe, the Hof-Palmahim tribe, and the... the third tribe is..."


"You forgot it!" Lucius says. "Shut up!" Racid yells at him.


"This might be important." Ryla says. "Please try to recall it."


"I'm trying." Racid says.


"Try harder!" Alos commands. "I'm trying harder!" Racid replies.




Racid closes his eyes.


Racid see himself as a child in school. The teacher is writing something on the board, but Racid prefer drawing on his desk.


Racid tries to recall what the teacher wrote... than it strike him.


"The Tasoben tribe!"


To be continued...




Boy, that was long.


The password to the Hertselia-Pituach library makes sense now, doens't it?


Anyways, it's your turn now.

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"It took you that long..." Lucius stares at him.


"What, do you think you could have remembered faster?!" Racid barks right back.


"Well, yeah, considering the name of these ruins is 'Tasoben', right?"


Racid stands, stunned for a moment. "Uh..."


"Thaaaaats what I thought."


Racid twitches and charges, and Lucius simply steps to the side as Racid lunges, causing him to fly past and land face first in the dirt.

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I will not let this thread die!!!






Ryla looks out of the window. "Are you alright?" She asks Racid. "Y-s I -m -ri-t" Racid replies with a mud filled mouth. Lucius also looks out of the window. "Who is that ninja?" he asks and points on a ninja who holds an ancient looking vase.


Racid jumps on his feet and looks at the ninja. "You are under arrest, thief!" he shouts. The ninja places the vase on the ground, and shift into a fighting stance. Racid prepares to fight as well. "Don't worry guys, I can take him. He is only one ninja after all) he says to his friends.


The ninja raises his hand. five more ninjas jumps out of nowhere and take positions. Lucius jumps out of the window to assist Racid, and Ryla jumps right after him. Alos takes the door cause he is a robot therefore his jumping out of window skills are limited. Nelfag tries to jump out of the window as well, but he is still drunk so he slips and falls on his back.


Ryla and Lucius start chanting. The first ninja throws a punch toward Racid, but Racid blocks the attack and counters it with a kick. The other five ninjas approach to the heroes. Racid takes out his hookshot. Lucius finishes his chant. EXPLOSIVE RUNE! The spell defeats a ninja. Ryla also cast a spell. ACID BOLT! Another ninja is defeated. Racid whiplash wish his hookshot, taking down the remaining three ninjas.


Ryla looks astonished. "You fight almost as good as your brother..." she says to Racid. "I thought you are just a goof off..." Lucuis adds his two cents. "Actually, it makes sense." says Alos, who has just arrived, as the door is on the other side of the building. "You didn't think his intellect got him into the rank of a Squad leader, right?". "I don't *HICK* know..." Nelfag says, still lying on the ground. "He is pretty *HICK* smart for a cop...".


Racid looks at the first ninja. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" he questions him. "What we are doing here is our own business!" the ninja says. "As for who we are - we are novices of the Tasoben ninja tribe!"...




Diego sits at his offices, worrying about Ghede's next call. The door opens. "Randy!" he welcome the guest. "I really hope you have something good to report this time!". "I think I do." Randy replies. "We think we know who are the thieves who steal our loot.". "Than tell me!" Diego commands. "Very well. The thieves are ninjas who are trying to return some lost artifacts of their tribe..."




"The Tasoben ninja tribe?" Lucius is surprised. "What happened to the Tasoben ranger tribe?" he asks. "We were the Tasoben ranger tribe." the ninja replies. "300 years ago we decided we want to be a ninja tribe, so we changed our classes. We did it because rangers are gay."


Racid removes his glove and uses it to slap the ninja. The ninja passes out. "What was that cruelty for?" Ryla asks. "You have already defeated him!". "He said rangers are gay." Racid justifies his action. "I had to slap him with my glove as a challenge for a dual!". Ryla stares at him for a moment. "Not with your armored glove..."




Randy enters a building. Inside the building there are four thieves sitting aroung a big box. "I have delivered the report to Diego." he says. "Anything else?"


"Let's see." says one of the thieves. He takes a cookie out of a box, cracks it open, and takes out a note from it. He reads the note. "O.K., this is the next report.




To be continued...


Seriously. Please continue this.

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Lucius leans over the ninja, with a sigh. "Did you have to knock him out...?"




"No." Lucius just cuts Racid off and pokes the ninja with his foot. "Usually, you'd use a cloth glove?"


"Lucius, don't be so hard on him." Ryla could sence tension.


"Yeah, I know, he doesn't think alot."


"N-no, that's not... well... acually..."

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Lucius turns to the other ninjas. "Take us to your leader. What? I always wanted to say that!" he adds as the others look at him impatiently. "Never!" one of the ninjas yells, and drops a smoke bomb. "Not so fast!" Alos says, and a giant fan comes out of his chest and blows the smoke away. The adventurers see the ninjas trying to squeeze into a hidden hole in the ground.


"So..." Nelfag starts. "Are you just going to escape and leave your friend here?". "He is just a generic NPC!" one of the ninjas replies. "Hiding the location of our HQ is more important than his life!". "If your leader is a generic NPC..." Nelfag says. "What does it make you?". "Nevermind that!" Racid proclaims. "I'm going to their base!" he says and jumps into the hole.


"Dammit!" a voice comes out from the hole. "Why didn't you tell me this isn't the route to your base, only a room for hiding? it stinks here!". Racid climbs out of the hole. "You guys better lead us to your base before I'll get mad..." he stares at the ninjas. They start to shake, and lead the heroes to their HQ.




The ninjas bring the party to the HQ, in front of their leader - an old ninja master. The leader gets angry at the ninjas. "Why did you bring these strangers to our sercret HQ?". "Please forgive us, Shukimoto-sama. Those guys..." one of the ninjas says, when Racid interrupts him. "Shukimoto? What kind of a name is that?"


Shukimoto gets angry. "That's a ninja name! And who are you to insult me like that?"


Racid smiles. "I am Racid. The last Ranger of the Hertselia-Pituach ranger tribe!"


"Oh... the tribe of warriors who are not as cool as ninjas..."


"What? You can't just change who you are just because your ancestors watched too much anime."


"Look who's speaking... your tribe watched too much Walker - Texas Ranger, and based your entire tradition on that series, deciding that Chuck Norris was the first leader of the three tribes..."


"That does it!" Racid says, and starts to remove his glove. "NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Lucuis and Ryla screams and jumps on him.




To be continued. I left it open intentionally, so just take it wherever you want to.


And yes, that "one of the ninjas" is always the same guy...

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I'll try to be a little more active with these updates I suppose




Lucius grabbed both of Racid's arms while Ryla cracked him over the head with her staff.


Racid stumbled and demanded, "What's the matter with you two? He insulted my clan, and the only way I can do that is challenging to a duel. So let go of my arms!"


Ryla opened her mouth to retort, but Shukimoto held up a hand.


"Hold. If this worthless junky wishes to challenge me to a duel, I'll be more than happy to accept. Just name the rules and we'll provide the place"


Racid said, "Fine. Hand to hand combat, no magic or skills.


"Very well....Terepo-to!"


A bright light consumed the room and engulfed the heroes and the ninjas away.




In a clearing in a forest....


The same bright light appeared and disappeared...leaving the heroes and the ninjas behind.


Lucius asked, "Where are we?"


Racid replied, "I'm not sure. It looks very familiar but I can't put a name to it."


Shukimoto looked at Racid and said solemnly, "You don't know where we are? This is the place where our ancestors fought and slain the great wind beast."


Racid looked at Shukimoto in shock, forgetting the past anger he held before. "If this is the place where that horrible battle took place, why did you bring us here?"


Shukimoto replied, "I thought it would be fitting for Amo's son to see the place where his father killed the beast and saved our people"


Racid narrowed his eyes, "How did you.."


Shukimoto chuckled, "You have the same eyes, and I sensed a familiar aura when I met you. Your father and I were old friends. However, that eneded when I was assigned by the elder to guard this place."


Racid asked, "How did you find out about that battle?"


Shukimoto said, "A few of my people traveled back and forth to exchange materials and news. They reported that the village was burnt down and they couldn't find anything but graves."


Lucius asked, "Hold on. If you found gravesites, why didn't you look further for the survivors that obviously built those gravesites."


Shukimoto sighed, "We tried, but the recent excavation of this place took up our time. We had to utilize our men to steal artifacts to make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands."






Randy and his two fellow recruit thieves walked through the Tasoben ruins looking for the secret ninja entrance. They jumped in many holes but couldn't find the way to their hq.


Tired and covered in mud, the trio grumbled and started their way home. Suddenly, the floor collapsed beneath them and they fell into darkness...




I'm trying to intertwine the storylines together and progress on the main storyline. Hopefully we can see what some of these artifacts can do.

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(Hmmm...) Eyeing Shukimoto carefully, Lucius thinks. He goes over to Ryla for consult. "I think this Shikomuto or whatever might just trying to distract Racid... Knowing him, it's working. You've gotta be careful with ninjas..."


"Maybe... Maybe not... No way to tell."


"And that's what bothers me. Watch him carefully... meanwhile..." The next thing anyone knew, Lucius had jumped on the robot's back. "Wheee!"




The robot WAS still with them, right...? If not... then... I dunno, he goes and climbs a tree or something.

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I can see where you are taking the story, and I like it! And yes, the robot is still with them.






The party was back at the ninja HQ.


"Look, Shukimoto." Racid starts. "About the artifacts you are stealing...". Shukimoto lies a hand on Racid shoulder. "Ofcourse, but first, you must be hungry. Come with me.". "But what about..." Racid starts, but the head ninja interrupts him. "They will be taken care of. Lets go." he says, and they start walking.


"Psst! Nelfag!" Lucius whispers. "I know." Nelfag replies. "I will have to check it out more. In the meanwhile, Alos is in charge.". Lucius looks at the robot. "Why is he in charge?" he protests, but Nelfag can't hear him - he is already gone.




Nelfag crawls in the air tunnels of the ninja HQ. When he approaches to a cross, he hears two ninjas, one approaching from the left and the other approaching from the right. He waits until they reach the cross, and slams their heads one in the other.


Nelfag removes their clothes, and positions them one atop the other. He giggles. "Their parents won't be pleased, but at least no one will believe them if they try to report about an intruder.". He opens a bottle of ale. "I hate to waste good ale, but just in case..." he spills ale on the "couple".


Nelfag puts his ear on the floor of the tunnel. He recognizes Shukimoto's voice, and takes the turn to the right. Nelfag continues crawling.




A ninja servant looks at the rest of the party. "Where is the tall guy?" he asks. "He went to the bathroom." Alos replies. "Very well. I'll show you to your rooms." the ninja says, and leads Lucius, Ryla and Alos away.

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