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I will, I just nee to think on it.


"Though, I must say, you're rather the... blunt... one." He hangs upside down, looking at Racid from the corner of his eye.


"Would you knock that off and get down!" Racid was starting to loose his patience with this mage.


"Be nice!"

"Oh, just cause he compliments you and makes you blush?"

"Now, now, you two-" Lucius drops down and lands on his feet between to them. "Lets calm our tempers!"

They look at eachother for a few seconds before turning away. "Hmph!"

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Skills and Attributes are from 0 to 10... either fix yours, or tell me what's the range in your system is so I can fix mine. Right now, Lucius is stronger mage than Shemesh, and Shemesh is supposed to be ultra powerful.


I think I'm starting to understand Lucius's personality. Feel free to correct me if I get him wrong.




"This is the last time I'm saying it" Racid says silently. "What are you doing here?"


Lucius looks at a rock. "Sorry, I was looking at this rock and wasn't paying attention. What did you say?"




"Beneath a tree." Lucius answers. "Try again!". "Next to you?" Lucius tries.


"YOU ARE IN THE CITY OF THE HERTSELIA-PITUACH RANGER TRIBE!!!" Racid screams. "And since I am the only Hertselia-Pituach ranger alive in this realm, this city belong to me! That means, that you are T-R-E-S-P-A-S-S-I-N-G my property!"


"Your logic is messed up." Ryla notes. "First, you told me yourself that you are not an official ranger yet. Second, another ranger, your father, is alive on this realm. And third, the streets of the city are a public place, so as long as he is not officialy exiled from the city, he has the right to be here."


"Don't confuse me with the facts, woman!!!" Racid yells. "W-Wait a second. I totally forgot about my father!!!"


Suddenly, Alos and Nelfag rushed from the woods.


"We found information about the Shemesh's plans!" Nelfag announces. Alos looks at him. "Well..." Nelfag adds. "It's not exaclty we..."


"Anyways!" Alos says. "He seems to be interested in the ruins of Tasoben." (@Disoblige: not Tabosen)


"Than that's where we are heading!" Racid announces. "And don't think I forgot about you!" he says to the mage. "You are coming with us until I figure out what to do with you. Alos, grab!"


Ryla stares at the ground...


Nelfag wrings his hands...


"In your eyes, Racid." Alos's artificial voice sounds tensed. "Do I look like a dog?!!!"


"Well..." Racid begins. "I didn't mean..."


"Don't worry." Lucius says. "I will go with you. As long as I get to ride on the robot!"


Steam is coming out of Alos. "I don't know what is worse, a dog or a horse..."

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The group reached the village and found the healer. Racid rushed in leaving the other group to wait outside.


Alos requested, "Now would you please get off my back?"


Lucius slid off of the robot's back easily.


Nelfag commented, "Now why couldn't you do that when I was paralyzed from those scorpion stings, and you had to drag me back to the nearest town?"


Alos muttered, "Because I like to see you in pain.."


Nelfag asked, "What was that?"


Alos said, "I was trying to block my face from the harsh winds. If you're done questioning my actions, I'll be scouting the area."


Nelfag said, "Oh, ok...wait a sec...."


At the moment, Racid walked out of the hut looking relieved.

"My father is alright. He'll be in bed for a few more weeks. Now back to business, What is this about the Tabosen ruins?"


Ryla nudged Nelfag and looked up, "Huh?"


Racid asked again, "What's this about the Tabosen ruins?"


Nelfag said, "Oh, We just know that Shemesh and Ghede are looking for them?"


Racid lost his temper and said, "So you two incompetent fools didn't even bother to find out more about it?"


Nelfag admitted, "Well....No. We thought it would be more important to report this?"


Racid stepped forward and asked, "And I suppose you two didn't find any extra help either?"


Nelfag said, "Well no."


Racid yelled, "Just great! How are am I supposed to take my brother's place and save the world if I'm surrounded by idiots!?"


Ryla said cooly, "Racid You need to cool down."


Racid screamed, "Shut up! You've been nothing but useless since you've got here!"


Nelfag pulled out his katana and said, "Well..our beloved leader...If you don't back out of our faces, I'll have to renounce you."


Racid roared, "Fine by me! If you want to go at it, I'll be glad to cut your head off!"


Lucius, who was observing the scene, said, "You guys don't get along well do you?"


Racid bellowed, "Why don't you shut up? You've been the biggest idiot I've met in my entire life!"


Lucius said, "Well excuse me, Mr Angry Pants. It's just that I've only been here for 4 minutes, and you've been doing nothing but screaming at everyone."


Ryla agreed, "That's right. I don't know what came over you, but lately, you scream at everything."


Racid yelled, "No I Don't!"


Ryla retorted, "Don't lie! I saw you screaming at birds, trees, and even the sky when it rained that night."


Lucius laughed, "You yell at trees? ahaha!"


Racid barked, "Well this is a very stressful job."


Nelfag commented, "You should at least let us help you. I mean, how did you become group leader all of a sudden?"


Ryla said, "You know, this is probably another reason your brother didn't really like you in the first place."


At that point, Racid exploded and leaped at Ryla. Ryla gave a short shriek, but Lucius tackled Racid out of the way.


A screaming Racid yelled, "I ALREADY TOLD YOU WHY HE......"


Lucius asked, "What happened?"


Nelfag said, "I just knocked him out. He was getting out of control. Maybe recent events are just getting to him."


Ryla said, "That was scary. What are we going to do with him if he wakes up?"


Nelfag said, "I Don't know. For the time being, we should tie him up..."


Nelfag hoisted the unconscious Racid on his shoulder and walked towards the inn with Ryla. Nelfag turned around and asked, "Are you coming Lucius?"


Lucius snapped out of his daydream and said, "Yes. I'm coming."




Slacil saw only darkness. He felt he had control over his entire body but decided not to move. Wondering if anyone was there, he yelled out, "Is anyone there?"


He heard a voice beside him say, "Relax. This is a meditation exercise we're teaching you. It'll help you control you anger. We'll be doing this for a while, and then we'll help you with your form in combat. It'll be about a few months until we deem you ready to the next step."


Slacil took a deep breath and sighed. He could only wait for now...




Well there's my official statement of Slacil's hiatus for a while. He'll come back eventually in a few pages or so.


I don't think we need those attributes/skill levels either. We're pretty reasonable into how everything works. If you want to leave the attributes, use like (low-high). We're shifting into free-battle format and I don't think we really need those. As long as you don't have like Ryla knocking out a monster in one hit that Racid and Nelfag have been hitting 32092 times. We're fine on that field.


Also, Personalities are pretty hard to decipher. It'll start to develop and such. When you're typing up your part, you can always make it the personality you want or something and tell us if you want it changed. Otherwise, they're pretty dynamic.


This is pretty much what I'm going by:


Racid: Short-tempered. Caring. - Ranger/Policeman

Nelfag: Obedient, Blunt, Serious - Assassin

Ryla - Caring towards others, Not very confident - Mage

Lucius - Carefree, ? ? ? ? - Rune Mage <-- I have no idea what that is still. (What magics they use?)


If someone gets anything wrong, oh well. You may have also noticed that I type a bit more. Well, like you and somebodddy are having one character, I make more sub-characters just to advance the story a bit, (Though I deem Ryla a main character now). But I have plans for Nelfag and Alos in the future. You can always make additional characters, just as long as it doesn't get out of control.

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At the moment, Racid walked out of the hut looking relieved.

"My father is alright. He'll be in bed for a few more weeks. Now back to business, What is this about the Tabosen ruins?"


Ryla nudged Nelfag and looked up, "Huh?"


Racid asked again, "What's this about the Tabosen ruins?"


It's Tasoben!!! not Tabosen. If you say Tabosen one more time, I will just go and edit your posts!



About the stats, they are from 0 to 10 for a reason. We don't use them for calculations. We use them to know what are the characters strengthes and weaknesses. I said you could use "high"/"poor"/"supreme"/ect. instead of the numbers.

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Oh, hey, that little shove in a direction about Lucius's personality helped me come up with something! Oh, and rune mages use runes to summon various magics. They first trace the rune in the air (atleast Lucius does) and then they make contact with it, which summons the spell.


I don't have time at the moment to make a Roleplay post, as I have to go watch a play at the moment. My apologies.

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rune mages use runes to summon various magics. They first trace the rune in the air (atleast Lucius does) and then they make contact with it, which summons the spell.

Do they need to sing while doing it?

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No! They arn't *BARDS*, God! Vocal component is optional, reduces error rate.

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... Yes. *nods*

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