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  1. Lucius manages to sneak onto Alos's back and hitch a ride. Being Alos is a robot, he can't feel anything... right...? Ryla looks at him and shakes her head, stiffling a giggle or two. Alos looks at her. "What? Is there something on me?" He reaches back and takes a few swipes, while Lucius manages to nimbly evade his arms.
  2. Thread CPR! Breathe! Breathe! *CPRs one of the pics in the thread* *beep* I've got a pulse! Yes, after a long time in FFXI, I have returned. and BACK I GO!
  3. (Hmmm...) Eyeing Shukimoto carefully, Lucius thinks. He goes over to Ryla for consult. "I think this Shikomuto or whatever might just trying to distract Racid... Knowing him, it's working. You've gotta be careful with ninjas..." "Maybe... Maybe not... No way to tell." "And that's what bothers me. Watch him carefully... meanwhile..." The next thing anyone knew, Lucius had jumped on the robot's back. "Wheee!" -------- The robot WAS still with them, right...? If not... then... I dunno, he goes and climbs a tree or something.
  4. I think Sonic might be a cool addition. Besides, didn't Sega and Nintendo merge or somethin'?
  5. Lucius leans over the ninja, with a sigh. "Did you have to knock him out...?" "Ye-" "No." Lucius just cuts Racid off and pokes the ninja with his foot. "Usually, you'd use a cloth glove?" "Lucius, don't be so hard on him." Ryla could sence tension. "Yeah, I know, he doesn't think alot." "N-no, that's not... well... acually..."
  6. The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage - Panic! at the Disco
  7. I'm 1/4 mexican. And what happened that I know happened? That is the "you-know-what-happened"?
  8. Oh thank god, it lives without me! Oooooh, nice picture of the boxing asian.
  9. A move like that wouldn't work. You could easilly pass it as selling the rights you bought to play the game off, forfeighting the game as it is of no longer of use to you anymore. You would also need to sign a contract for each game you bought, saying that you bought the rights to play it.
  10. I'd give pictures if I had any good ones... =(
  11. Hello, I'm partially insane. It's nice to meat the new apendage.
  12. "It took you that long..." Lucius stares at him. "What, do you think you could have remembered faster?!" Racid barks right back. "Well, yeah, considering the name of these ruins is 'Tasoben', right?" Racid stands, stunned for a moment. "Uh..." "Thaaaaats what I thought." Racid twitches and charges, and Lucius simply steps to the side as Racid lunges, causing him to fly past and land face first in the dirt.
  13. Yes. In fact, his staff has runes on it, I think I used that, didn't I? Well, yeah, his staff has runes in it, and he can activate them in different ways. Say there's a fire rune on a sword. He can use the rune to throw a fire ball or imbue the sword with fire. All depends on what he needs. In his staff, the runes are carved, so their permanent, but if they were on there with, say, ink or something, they would dissapear after a few uses.
  14. Ooooooooh... sooo... I'm somewhat lost, what're they doing with the trampoline? Going over the police line?
  15. We are floating...? Wow... ok... ah... hmmm... Interesting...
  16. Ok, from what I can see, Lucius is drifting more towards Hyper and hyped-up on sugar with ADHD.
  17. Lucius sighs and draws a rune with his index finger, though it looks to anyone else he's simply drawing idly in the air. He finishes and taps it, jumps up, and lands on a small platform of air, which lifts him. He zooms past right next to Racid's head and then angles upwards. "Wheeee!" "What the hell?!" Racid jumps as Lucius niks his ear, then starts to yell obscenities at him. Lucius looks back and down, chuckling. Pissing Racid off was fun!
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