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Drake comes home!


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Hey guys. I haven't posted here for ages I think about 1 or 2 months actually no wait. I mean I haven't been posting here reguraly I think I have posted an odd post here or there. How ya'll been?


Hey suvo, welcome...errr..back :D


Long time no see old friend, seems like your english skills have increased. So how's life, mama feeling okay, daddy still happy with mommy, brother and sister still in love? :ph34r:

Its great to know your doing fine GC. hehe... my english pwns thank you very much :D.


Roberto (haha you should change your name to that :P) I will get to 100. Its just a matter of time.

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this is my official one post per day for the day of wednesday 2-8-06



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Drake is back and so is suvo and three retards of 1emulation is back!!(me included)


j/k anyway welcome back guys

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Gc insisted, so I'll try my hardest to keep this post unemonized (this isn't a word fyi)!! 


I am back, from outer space, to make sure I give laughter and a reason to yell out "noob" to those pro's in the emulation scene!!! I was, exposed to a high amount of spam (tastes good when you fry it, nasty out of the can), and viruses / trojans. When I found out a glitch in a certain forum here in 1emu, I had my connection checked. I'm sorry for all of you that have been experiencing slow connection for 1emulation.com. Since it was partly my fault if not entirely. So now to a major posting spree I must go. 


Hello 1emulation.com, I am Drake, the narutard, and I am back?? So dramatic, I feel lame.


Welcome back! The forum attack system players still remember you! :(

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