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DS2Key - Original Thread


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DS2Key has it's own sub forum now. We need to start making new posts and leave this one be, its big enough as it is.



Here's my first application for the DS, it sends PC Keyboard signals through wifi so you can use your DS somewhat like a PC Gamepad. Sorry for the lack of info, ask questions if you need help with my program.


Download DS2Key





(01.24.06) 0.2

DS Side:

Light switch should function correctly now.

PC Side:

Developed a GUI, reads from DS2Key.ini. Currently Buggy.


(01.19.06) 0.11

Fixed bug where light would be off by default manually booting with a *me.


(01.17.06) 0.1

First Release

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<there was something wrong with this post, the information was wrong>

I tried it again and the light is off, but everything is fine.


Maybe I didn't add a loader?


Meh... Either way, great app!



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It's an awesome program. A couple suggestions:


create a user interface :) Have a little snes controller on screen or something and show which buttons are being pressed when you press it? This isn't very important, but these ones are:


-Make the light on by default, but add an option to disable it when you're actually done the configuration for the wifi..which leads me to the next option:

-Read the wifi config from bafio's app..please. I hate having to reconfigure my special wifi every single time I log on. lol.


But otherwise this is really cool. I can't wait to freak out my brother tonight showing him this app. :unsure:

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Just a reminder, version 0.11 is now out, it fixes the default light setting.


Also, tomorrow or later today I hope to release a version with the saved wifi settings like tssf suggested.

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This works GREAT. I just played a SNES game on an emulator and it worked flawlessly, this has totally revolutionized emulation for me, thanks for the awesome work! When you release the source I'm sure it's only a matter of time till someone can translate touchscreen coordinates into key codes to send in the same manner for a remote keyboard.


I can't seem to work the light however (Supercard SD.nds.gba version)


Also, for those having trouble, make sure in the DS you set the Destination IP to your computers, the same one you set in the.bat file.

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