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Hmmm... I miss the   .bat files, but that's because you could make multiple ones in order to have different configurations. All you had to do was run the correct.bat file. Which is why I'd like to suggest this:


Either make it so you can do a simple File>Open and choose a particular.ini file so you can have multiple ini's with different configurations, or make it so when you shortcut to the DS2Key exe you can add a switch of the ini you want that particular shortcut to load.

Ex: "C:\DS\DS2KEY\DS2Key.exe" -wmplayer.ini



I fully agree with you on the multiple configurations, I'll see what i can do today, 0.3 will have it, maybe next version. Also i'm adjusting some of the functionality, fixing bugs. Winamp control shouldn't be to hard to implement either. I might get a new version out today... depends on when i get my ds back (my mom loves animal crossing).



Hope you don't mind, but I used your protocol and made my own client, mainly to be used with WoW. :devilboy:





Vid(You'll need xvid):




xvid: http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/

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Alright. It've been a few days... And I'm currently working on a simple PC side server for DS2Key, called DS2Key Simple Server (V0.5 Almost finshed!).

Now you don't have to put all those numbers in the INI file.

It automatically does that for you when you configure the buttons.

And mouse support! But only on the DS's buttons (IE NOT ON THE TOUCH SCREEN!).

I can't do anything with the touch screen, because the author (Sypherce) have'nt implented that yet.

And all the original credits goes to the author, he's the great one here!

I'll probally be releasing V0.5 today, but i have'nt tested it fully yet, like in FPS games etc.

If you want to beta test, contact me on TheDarkKiller90@msn.com.

And Sypherce, if you don't like it to be released or you want to try it out in the beta stages, just contact me.

EDIT: If anyone wants to know, I'm using a older version of the DS2Key.exe



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For those of you having a Mac, I made a small perl script to control iTunes with DS2key. I'll clean the code later, I release it now to see if others people than me are interested in this.


download link:



Just change the IP of your DS in the script (to send song info to the DS)


left-right control track

up-down control volume

a-b are play/pause

select show the song info on the ds screen

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I find this useful, except I still can't have multiple ini's or configurations, but what I do use it for is assigning my keys, then I run the server which generates the bat file and then I rename that bat file to my new config. This way I don't have to look up keycodes anymore.

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