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  1. A coupla classic pinball games for me are Crueball from Genesis (themed after Motley Crue) and Pro Pinball's The Web. You can find pro pinball games for PC, even the web, but I originally fell in love with them on PS1.
  2. Actually, the SNES emu for PS2 is just as good as the genesis one. There's some sound problems, but the games play pretty damn good considering...
  3. What were you playing? Soccer, basketball, wrestling, etc... Not much to go on.
  4. The iso itself is about 720. But you can get hacked ISO's with different music and things, found one with the music of Rocky lol, and that was around 250-300ish.
  5. [WwW.XtremeTorrent.NeT]NCAA_Football_2005_USA_PS2DVD-iNSOMNiA - "xtremetorrent" without the quotes.
  6. Awww, hell yeah. I gots to get into this. lol 1. 3 scientists go on an explorative journey for the legendary "Foo" bird. They believe it to be somewhere within central Africa. They went weeks and weeks without finding anything, then one day, out of nowhere, they hear, "FOO! FOO!". They look up, and to their suprise, a Foo bird is flying right over them. As it passes, it $hits on the first scientist. He wipes it off, then dies. Without even stepping a foot. Then some more weeks pass, while the 2 scientists keep looking for this bird. One day, they hear "FOO! FOO!". The look up as the Foo bird flys over them and $hits on the 2nd scientist. He wipes it off, then dies immediately after. Now, the 3rd scientist, the only thing he's thinking is that he needs to escape. But before that's an option, he again hears, "FOO! FOO!". Looks up and sees the Foo bird, rights as $hit lands in his face. He wipes it off, and dies immediately. Question: What's the moral of this story? Answer: If the Foo $hits, wear it. ________________________________________________________ 2. There was once a fish in a stream who saw a fly minding its business just out of each over the water. The fish thinks to itself, "If that fly drops I will have dinner." Just on the side of the stream concealed in brush waited a bear who was watching the fish eyeball the fly and he thinks to himself, "If the fly drops, the fish will rise, eat it and I will grab it and feast tonight." However on the other side of the stream hiding in the tall grass was a hunter watching the whole situation while eating a PBJ sandwich, and he thought to himself, "If that fly drops , the fish will jump, the bear will come out of its hiding, grab it, and I will shoot and become the envy of all my buddies back home." Just below the hunter waited a field mouse who was also watching the situation develop, and it thought to itself, "If that fly drops, the fish will rise and eat it, the bear will come out and grab the fish, the hunter will shoot the bear and at the same time drop his sandwich, then I will feast." Unbenownst to the mouse, a cat was stalking it in the tall grass while watching the whole thing unfold, and it thought, "If the fly drops, the fish will jump for it, the bear will go for the fish, the hunter will shoot the bear and drop his sandwich, the mouse will go for the sandwich and I will get the mouse." So the fly drops, the fish jumps and gets it, the bear lunges out of the brush and snags the fish out of the air, the hunter drops his sandwich and shoots, the mouse darts to grab the sandwich, and the cat pounces, but it misses and rolls into the stream. Question: What's the moral of this story? Answer: Fly goes down, pu$$y gets wet.
  7. I always thought SF The Movie (the game), was tight. But my favorite, and it's not really a SF series, has to be MvsC2. But, if we're just stickin' to the SF series, then I'd have to say SFA3 or SF3rd Strike. Both were excellent games, and I loved the parry on SF3.
  8. It's not that bad, but it's still pretty bad. lol. The cool thing is Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth are all in it. That was the only reason I played it. And BTW, it ran alot better and looked better in the arcade than on PS1.
  9. There's a PAL>NTSC converter floading around. But if you have a PS2, you can use the dms chip and the new bios will for a pal game to be played in NTSC mode.
  10. Just thought I'd throw in that to be able to play 80 minute disks utitlizing a swap method, you'll also have to purchase breaker pro. Alot of the DVD games that are shared over the net have the movies cut out and our considered "rips". And most rips nowadays, are around 800 meg bin files, so you won't be able to just use the swap magic disks for these. That's where breaker pro comes in. You're better off just gettin' a DMS3 and havin' somebody else install it for you. Granted, it costs more, but it's so much easier, and backups boot like originals. Screw the swap method. BTW, about the dvds that are ripped to CD size, they'll tear your laser up. You're better off downloading whole DVDr's.
  11. Isn't worth my time to go through and add 'em all. I have about 70 PS2 games, a couple hundred PS1 games (at least), 180 DC games, 11 GC games, 0 Xbox, a couple hundred ps2 games, then, if you count my PGen and PS2 Snes Emu's I got a few hundred games on each dvd, and then about 125 PS2 games. My divx movies that I play on my PS2 count as games? lol. Since they're inserted into a gamesystem... I got about 600+ of those. I did notice that quite a few of the games I have, IGN doesn't even list.
  12. lol. Thought I remembered reading it somewhere. But couldn't place it.
  13. News. The end of NeoGeo games as we know them?
  14. "Some PSX have a BIOS installed which prevents playback of importgames. (f.e.: a PAL-game on a NTSC-PSX) To bypass this problem you start with an original disk (with the lid open and the door button pressed) until the black SONY-logo appears. Then you have to remove the disk (while it is rotating) and put in the import (or the backup of the import). Now you can close the lid and start playing." This is the boot method. Just use a backup in place of the import. It may take a few tries. I never really messed with it that much, as I had a game enhancer. But I had a friend that was able to get it to work every time without fail.
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