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so who's getting a 360


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i've never gotten a system at launch and i don't plan to because

1. They're too expensive and i know eventuallt there's gonna be a price cut

2. I have to read about reviews and have to test the system out first before i buy

3. don't want to get an system that can't be modded.( yes i'm stingy)

so no Xbox 360 on launch day for me

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I've already decided to only own one next generation console.  One that takes care of games my PC won't be able to play.


Since xbox 360 seems to cater to a lot of FPS type games, no 360 for me.

Thats liek a complete turn seeing how most of the games that take the PC for amazing graphics and specs IS FPS games.

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Does anyone know when it will be launched in Europe? I won't get one, it's just out of curiosity.

IIRC, the X360 launches on the same day (or a few days apart) all over the world.

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Euro launch is said to happen more or less a few days after the North American launch AFAIK. Japanese launch if sometime around 2-5/12.

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