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so who's getting a 360


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Well I have to get one first. That'll be quite a challenge. I recommend that people who want one go to an out of the way Walmart and hang out there around 10PM. Supposedly Walmart is going to hand out tickets. Call ahead of time of course.

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PS3 will dominate the 360 once it comes out. FF, DQ, MGS and DMC. So many exclusives and many more to come for one system. Still gonna get a 360 and Revolution though. Just not first.


At whats been said to be twice the price (And the 360 will go lower once the PS3 comes out too), with the possibility (Though still just a rumour) of DRM locking out any game that hasn't been used on your system first, I HIGHLY doubt it.


It's still a solid fact that the avg consumer is also oblivious (aka stupid), and simply buys what comes out first. Thats why the PS2 did so well, they had a huge head start......and so will the 360. Anyone with any business or marketing sense would know this.

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Given IBM's recent reports detailing that the Cell processor cost considerably more to manufacture than the 360 or Rev processors, I highly doubt it will hit the same price point as the 360, and DEFINITELY not less. Microsoft is losing money on the 360 hardware from the get-go, Sony won't take a loss on hardware sales, especially one bigger than Microsoft.


Oh and the GPU in the PS3, unlike the other 2 again......has already been stated by NvIdia, to be a completely custom job. Whereas, at least with the 360, it was designed around a similar core. Therein too lies another higher price point.


Pull your fanboy head out of your ass.

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